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SW: Leia Beautiful
I've created a lj community for all you mamas to be that are due in the summer of 2015. It's here: summer_2015
5th-Dec-2014 10:16 pm - version question
I am 37 weeks along with baby #2 and at our ultrasound today we found that she is still in transverse position. My OB mentioned the possibility of attempting a version next week. Has anyone had experience with versions? This has been a relatively normal pregnancy, my amniotic fluid level is good, and the baby is smallish (25th percentile). The only risk factor we have is that the placenta is in the anterior position.

Also, has anyone tried some of the alternative options for turning a baby (e.g., acupuncture, Webster technique, etc.)? In general I tend to put my faith in Western medicine, but I would really like to avoid a c-section if possible so I am open to other options.

EDIT: I was scheduled for a version yesterday morning. but when I arrived at the hospital and they did an ultrasound we got some good news. She had turned into the vertex position all on her own, and they sent me home on the spot! I didn't explore too many alternative techniques, but we did try placing a flashlight by my pubic bone and I definitely felt her moving strongly, so that may or may not have been what triggered her to change positions. Thank you all for your comments, suggestions, and support!
Mischevious River
~32 weeks currently
Can anyone give me some ideas for eating food that won't result in serious pain, or point me in the direction of someone aside from my midwife I can talk to about what's going on?

Basically, whenever I eat, I get a searing pain where my stomach and uterus bump heads. Shortly after, I start feeling queasy and then I start getting heartburn. It builds up until it's acid-reflux like, especially if baby kicks in that direction. Anything I eat can elicit this - bland food, super spicy food, you name it. I've tried avoiding dairy, I've tried drinking a glass of milk hoping it would calm it down. I've drank loads of water, avoided pop and juice.

I've had zero other obvious issues - digestive tract is otherwise functioning normally. No vomiting or diarrhea, no blood or warning signs. Just a huge amount of discomfort/pain when I eat. Which is making it hard to eat and gain weight. I started a bit on the heavy end, granted, but I lost about 5-7lbs at first mostly due to dehydration from being sick for the first 5 months, and currently I'm about 6 or 7lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. Originally I was told to gain around 30 lbs, and while I guess it's possible in the last 8 weeks, I just want to be healthy for me and my baby.

I should add in that we're on a very tight budget because I just lost my job and I'm also anemic, so trying to fix that too.
16th-Nov-2014 08:26 am - Am I the only one that hates this?
SW: Leia Beautiful
I'm in my first trimester of my second pregnancy and I have to say it: I hate pregnancy. I'm uncomfortable, I'm miserable, and in just a couple of months complete strangers will be appearing out of the woodwork to tell me what I can and can't do with my own body ("You're having juice?! *gasp!* You'll give the baby diabetes!"*) To make it worse, I can't drown my sorrows in a glass of wine and some sushi.

Aside from the end result (yay baby!) I absolutely hate this. People always act astonished and dismayed, like there is something seriously wrong with me for not being blissfully happy that I have killer heartburn, nausea and an elbow lodged in my lungs, only to be relieved after three days burst of back labor (#1 took forever to get out!) It's like they think that makes me less good of a mom which, really? The fact that I am willing to do this a second time and sacrifice of my own comfort somehow makes me a bad mom? That I'm willing to be so miserable for the sake of my kid makes me a bad mom.

Blah! Maybe I'm just cranky this morning, but is anyone else here really dislike pregnancy?
10th-Nov-2014 02:31 pm(no subject)
couple xmas
Is there anyone in here who has type 2 diabetes and has gone through pregnancy?

Did you see a midwife or ob before becoming pregnant?
What was your A1c when you became pregnant?
What if any complications did you have?

Tell me anything and everything you know or experienced being diabetic and pregnant please! If you aren't comfortable sharing here you are welcome to message me.

My husband and I would like to start ttc at the end of December and I have a lot of questions and concerns about it because I am Diabetic. Of course I have a medical team that is awesome but it really helps to talk to and hear from other people who have had the experience.

Thanks for you stories and advice in advance!

We are Tanya and Nicola - happy parents of a cute Angela. But honestly our livejournal blog is a second child of Tanya.

Some words about me. I wanted to leave my journalistic job and take time out to stay at home with my lovely 6 month old daughter. But that was stupid. So, I'm still a journalist and I'm already a mum. That is fucking amazing :-)
But anyway being at home full time, every minute of every day I was thinking solely about my baby and about my personal life….No. Most of all about Angela. Her challenges, successes, problems, joys.

I was overwhelmed so I decided to write a blog as an outlet for my ramblings, to seek advice from others and to share my experiences. I'm happy that our amazing papa Nicola sometimes has time to join us in this blog and share also his emotions and ideas how is to be a great father.

So that is how to be a father of a 6-month baby.

Hello everybody,

That is me. Nicola.

Perhaps i have not much time to describe myself. What i can say? Im like a movie director who sits behind the scene. Perhaps u will never notice me but my presence is reflecting in the happy eyes of my wife and my daughter.

Be father and parent is fucking difficult. Everyday you have to make some choice between you, ur wife and your child. Sometime seems that you have not time for yourself and you think that you are not able to manage all as you should.

But you have to think that all what u give u will get back doubly. For example, if you not fucking stupid, able to close your computer/TV/mobile and etc you will enjoy every moment of every day with your baby doubly. It's just need to accept that almost everyday starts without strength. You have to get up and not matter if you tired. There are people who need you. And the bed needs you less. And I appreciate this rule of my life.

So that was a little summary of the last 6 month when we even had not time for this blog. But here we are. Today we had an amazing sun who was knocking at our windows. And my wife was missing it sleeping almost till 12. But then we said to us "What is fucking going on? Why we are wasting this beautiful weather?"...

Watching back the photos of the day I can just be happy that I was not too lazy this morning. The eyes of my Angie is the best answer. And even if I already have been enjoying many sunny days in my life (You know in Napoli where i was born it's not so difficult), every sunny day with my girls tastes different.

And now I hope i satisfied my wife with my blog writing. :)
So the bed and my wife are calling me and I can't reject it. After all... you know..Tomorrow is a new day and at 6 a.m Angie will not care if yesterday papa went sleep late....
3rd-Nov-2014 08:57 pm - Braxton Hicks?
Ostrich hat
I'm 26 weeks 4 days pregnant with my second. All afternoon and evening I've felt tense in my uterus. It's not like any kind of cramps I've had, just like my uterus is tense. And kinda tired. My 4-year-old offered to hold my belly up for me. :)

I don't remember ever having Braxton Hicks with my first, but is this what I'm feeling? It just doesn't feel like cramps or contractions.

I put on a belly band and I'm sitting on the couch, and it feels better. I did have a fairly active day, but not over-the-top.
2nd-Nov-2014 11:58 am - early bleeding
So I'm only just barely 5 weeks along and started suddenly bleeding bright red blood today. My last pregnancy I experienced this same thing around 7-8 weeks and everything was fine. Bring this early, I'm worried about chemical pregnancy. Has anyone experienced this and what was your outcome? Should I call the dr tomorrow (since today is Sunday)? Should I retake a home pregnancy test?
22nd-Oct-2014 02:26 pm(no subject)
SW: Leia Beautiful
I just took the test today and I'm pregnant again!

I was wondering though, this is my third pregnancy (the first ended early in a miscarriage). Each and every time I became pregnant, I knew more or less immediately as in within a day or two of conception. No one believes me, but I'm always right. I always get some dizziness, this odd loose limbs feel (especially in my hips) and food cravings and aversions. I assume it relates to the fact that I'm particularly sensitive to hormones (I cannot do hormonal birth control-my body reacts horribly to it.)

Anyone else able to tell long before you can officially test?
Hyperbole and a Half icon

Oliver Snow was born on October 17th, 2014 at 9:01 am via c-section. He was 7 lbs and his length was 19 inches.

When I went for my weekly checkup and NST, my blood pressure was high so my OB sent me to the hospital. Since my labs looked ok and I didn't have any signs of pre-e, I expected to go home. I went to use the bathroom in my room and when I came out and got back into bed, the OB on call said that I was having contractions and I was dilated 2.5 cms. He also asked me if I knew my baby was breech and I said yes.

So, due to the combo of footling breech + high blood pressure (my bp was good the entire pregnancy until that day) + being dilated on my own (I reached 3 cms the morning of my c-section) and apparently contracting and not knowing it, the OB on call and my OB both decided it would be best for me to have a c-section. So, it was scheduled for yesterday morning, and voila!

The c-section was great. I didn't feel a thing, not even pressure or anything like the docs said I would. The pressure from the spinal was super uncomfortable, but I did not feel the needle going in at all, nor did I feel any shocks or have shivers. The whole procedure took maybe 50 minutes, and the baby was out rather quickly. My boyfriend was there for the whole thing and he got to cut a piece of the cord :)

The recovery is tough. I threw up any time I drank the tiniest sip of water. The morphine made me very itchy and I'm incredibly sore, which makes holding the baby difficult. Thankfully, my boyfriend has been a lot of help and brings the baby to me when I want him, and helps me with feeding and diapers.

I was up and walking within 12 hours and I'm pretty proud of that :)

Hyperbole and a Half icon

So, I'll be 38.5 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I had a growth scan yesterday and the baby was transverse. At this point, there are two positions he loves. Transverse, or head up, where his head will be my belly button.

I'm assuming that it's too late for him to turn on his own. I have an OB appointment tomorrow, so I am going to ask him what is going to happen if the baby doesn't cooperate. I already know I don't want an EVC done based on the risks and the success rate.

For those who had babies who didn't turn, what was your outcome?

I was also kind of disappointed to learn that the baby only weighs 6 lbs and dropped from the 50th to the 20th percentile, but I am trying not to take too much stock into the estimated weight in case it is off.

4th-Oct-2014 04:21 pm(no subject)
future of science
Background: I have three step-children, one daughter aged 3, and my second daughter (premature baby) passed away around this time last year.

I am 13 weeks pregnant, under a lot of stress for various reasons out of my control, and I've been spotting a little (brown, old blood mixed with mucous, nothing red, nothing like a mucous plug) since this morning. Should I be worrying about this? I had a little spotting in my previous pregnancies, but at 6 weeks. We just had a normal ultrasound screen.

I'm trying to rest, but my daughter is going through a boundary-testing tantrum phase, and I've had my step-kids all week and they've been acting up, and we live far from family, so there's not a lot of back up right now. My partner pretty much needs to be told exactly what to do to get everyone organised, so it's a lot like doing it myself in the end. But I'm exhausted, and scared.
2nd-Oct-2014 11:36 am - It's been a while & TTC#2
It's been almost two years since I was an active member of this community.  It still feels like just yesterday that I had my daughter, but she'll be 2 in December.

I'm back here because after having a pregnancy 'scare' last month, my husband and I have decided to try for #2.  I had an IUD inserted at 10w PP, which I had removed in June.  After removal we used the fertility awareness method plus OPK's to prevent pregnancy.  The 'scare' happened because I thought I ovulated a day or two earlier than anticipated and we had sex at the beginning of my fertile window.  Post partum and after my daughter weaned, my cycles became like clockwork, but I still use an app to track my cycles.  They are on average 30-31 days - I don't really know what happened last month, I had strongly positive OPK's for 36 hours and according to what I found online, I could count ovulation happening 12 hours after the first positive. But I guess I didn't really ovulate until closer to the end of that time period, since AF arrived at exactly 31 days.  I spent that two week wait vascillating between hoping for a BFP, and hoping for a BFN.  I've had baby fever for 6 months, but there are a lot of external factors that have been putting it on hold.  Those two weeks helped put things in perspective and hence the conscious decision to start trying.

Anyways.  This time around, I don't want to become so obsessive about TTC.  It took us 7 cycles to conceive #1. I know that that isn't that long, but you know when you're in the midst of it, it feels like an eternity. I wasn't in touch with my cycles as well as I am now (or as regular for that matter), but I was charting BBT, monitoring CM, using OPK's, and in general pretty anxious when it came to the 2 week waits (and obsessively testing from 10DPO to getting AF).   I'm hoping it wont take as long the second time around, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

I guess I'm just curious what other's experiences were for conceiving #2. The only reference I have IRL is a coworker who conceived on the first try for both 1 and 2, which I know is not always the norm. 
I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and have to start the kick counts. For whatever reason, this is giving me major anxiety to where I am second guessing if the baby is moving as much as she should be. It also seems as if she was active in the morning and then in the evening when I lay down to go to bed, but now it's like she is moving around at different times and not as much before bed.

Do babies change up their time of movements?

I hear one horrible thing and I focus in on it and it's just so hard. This is my first baby and I've tried for 3.5 years to conceive, so I'm just really anxious and nervous.

I'd love some good advice, stories, etc.

Thank you!
Hello I just received a message from a friend who is interested in having a natural birth. Please note this is happening in Sweden. Here is the message:

Been in labor for more than 24 hrs and made great progress until 3:30am this morning. Then things slowed down and became irregular again. Went to hospital for check up this morning and sent home with some meds to help me rest. Contractions are powerful but progress not great. We have been out walking. Any other suggestions of what I can do to get things moving? I don't want to land up too tired to deliver this baby...


Thanks in advance!
18th-Aug-2014 12:50 am - Pretty sure I don't have GD [glucose testing]
Hyperbole and a Half icon

Ok, so I failed my one hour glucose test with a reading of 172 mg/dl. I had to do the three hour one which sucked. Not because I was there for three hours, or because I got poked four times, but because the glucose drink at 100 g is absolutely disgusting. I felt awful for the first hour or two. I got a stomach ache and diarrhea, was very thirsty, felt weak/tired/etc and had to close my eyes for the first hour because I felt like I couldn't really focus on anything.

The doctor hasn't talked to me about my results, but I am 99.99995 sure I do not have GD. Here are my numbers:

Fasting: 80 mg/dl

One hour: 125 mg/dl

Two hour: 76 mg/dl

Three hour: 37 mg/dl

Maybe the 172 was a fluke. I did not eat anything before the one hour test since I did not want to fail and have to take the three hour, but whatever.

16th-Aug-2014 08:01 am - liver functions while pregnant? [blood tests]
I had all of my initial prenatal bloodwork done on Thursday, and yesterday the results were available to me on the web portal. My red blood count, mean platelet volume, and hematocrit were a tiny bit low, but what I'm actually concerned about were the results of the liver enzymes.

My AST is 70 (normal range 15-41) and my ALT is 141 (normal range 14-54). I did some google searches and found that sometimes this happens in the third trimester and with HELLP or cholestasis.

Anyway, I'm basically looking if anyone here has had similar results and have any ideas why it is? I'm not sure if my doctor got the results as quickly as I did, since the lab is in a different building. I'm sure she will call me if it's a big issue, but that won't be until Monday, I guess.

ETA: I'm 11w2d and this is my second pregnancy.
13th-Aug-2014 11:14 am - Postpartum sex [post partum sex]
no pictures please
I'm almost 11 weeks PP with #2 and sex is still pretty uncomfortable.

Cut for TMI.Collapse )
Hyperbole and a Half icon

I went for my glucose tolerance test on Saturday and my OB called today to tell me that my blood glucose was 166 mg/dl, and the cutoff at the lab is 140 mg/dl, so now I have to do the three hour test.

Admittedly, I've been eating way too many carbs lately so I am sure that's not helping. I've never had any blood glucose issues in my life so I was actually quite surprised that I had failed the one hour, but it is what it is. I'm 29, not overweight and I've gained 16 lbs in 7 months, which I don't think is too bad.

Not really looking forward to sitting around at the lab for three hours and getting poked a few times, but whatever. It is what it is.

How common is it to fail the one hour and pass the three hour? I actually don't mind being poked and I will change my diet if it turns out I have GD, but it would suck to have it because of the potential complications for the baby.

I'm also 7 months pregnant today, so hooray for the third trimester!

ETA: according to the actual lab results (I was going off by what my mom had told me), my glucose was 172 mg/dl and the cutoff was 129 mg/dl.

Hyperbole and a Half icon

So, I'm 27 weeks pregnant now. Next week starts the third trimester. I know I still have a little while to go, but I like to plan ahead and it's never too early to think about pain relief.

I initially told the OB that I wanted an epidural during labor but I realized that epidurals usually contain epinephrine, something I am very sensitive to. The last time I went to the dentist, I had to have cavities filled and was given Procaine. I asked the dentist if I could possibly have something without epinephrine but he said no for some reason. As as a result, I was shaking throughout the fillings and the dentist had to stop a few times.

I don't want to get anything with epinephrine if I can help it. I'm going to talk it over with the OB at my next appointment, but I also thought I'd ask here if anyone knows of pain meds that don't contain epinephrine. Is there such a thing as epidurals without epinpehrine?

Thanks in advance :)

18th-Jul-2014 12:18 pm - Pregnant with #3
couples // bestfobanners
I found out Sunday that I am expecting again. My girls 20 months and almost 3 years old. I wasn't really intending to have another baby since I've been struggling with anxiety and depression and a husband who really doesn't understand. I thought we had enough fertility issues that we would be pretty well unlikely to conceive without any help. I was wrong. I can absolutely accept that. I see babies as blessings and with the odds against this one, he/she must be meant to be!

I've been taking zoloft since January and have begun weaning off of it and will be done with it in just over two weeks. DH is worried about what the effects will be to the baby. I told him they were very slim, but he's so negative and ALWAYS expects the worst. He wants me to quit immediately, but I've heard that can be a bad idea for me. Advice please?

Also, is it just livejournal dying or is there really no baby communities past December 2014? I'd like to join a March 2015 group if there is one.
Hyperbole and a Half icon

Okay, so the last time I posted, it was because I was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage. I ended up bleeding for 5-6 days. It went away, then I had bleeding for two days afterward. I never had any cramps though. The entire time, I was paranoid that something was going to go wrong and that I would lose the baby. However, everything is completely fine now. The bleeding hasn't returned since the second incident. I'm 6 months + 5 days pregnant now and baby Oliver is doing great. No one could figure out what happened, just that I had a blood clot in my cervix.

Now that I'm a bit further along, I'm feeling a lot of movement. Even the sonogram technician remarks that he's very active. It's very reassuring because I know movement = healthy baby.

My advice would be to always get checked out if something doesn't seem right. Trust your instinct.

I started to miscarry on the 14th of June at five weeks three days pregnant, at that time my HGC levels were 40 and two days later when they were tested again they were at 10. I was told that things would progress naturally and I didn't need a further check up, I stopped bleeding five days later. A week later I took a pregnancy test in the middle of the day just to see if it would come back with anything and it was negative. On the 22nd I had unprotected sex with my partner and first thing this morning I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive, two more pregnancy tests taken later in the day came back negative.
Now, on to my question. Is it at all possible that I'm showing positive on a pregnancy test ten days after having sex because I'm pregnant or is it because of left over hormones in my system from the miscarriage? I can't seem to find any useful information online and my Dr can't see me until the 7th. What confuses me is the tests I have only detect as low as 25 HGC and my levels were 10 last I was tested, though I suppose it could just be more concentrated with early morning urine? Thank you in advance for any light you ladies can shed on this.

(Cross posted to VaginaPagina)
Valerie Bear
Hi everyone. A year ago i became pregnant and at around 7 weeks i had an ultra sound. They couldn't find a fetus, so they sent me to a specialist. Getting an appointment and wasting for results were the worst. It took so long that by the time i was 13 weeks i finally had a miscarriage. I went to the Er because of bleeding....then and only then they told me, yes you have a Blighted Ovum which i had already had a feeling. The ultra sound specialist couldn't even tell me cause my OB had to tell i had to wait.... After the miscarriage on mother's day 2013 i went to my OB and out was a disaster cause they dont keep notes and forgot i called forgot who i was. It was so painful having to tell them what happened and don't they even have my results from the ultra sound specialist? They had to look for them. Ugh! So after that i told myself i won't go back there ever again.

Well, last Monday i took a pregnant of those cheapy little ones like from the 99 cent store..i had a few. And it showed a very light faint pink positive. And then again early next morning but it was the same..then 4 days later, out was darker. So, im pregnant :). I just have reservations about the doctor cause i don't wanna rush like i did last time because of what happened to me. I was so sad. We had told everyone and all for a Blighted Ovum...i was pregnant with no fetus inside. But, on a brighter note i have gf two other successful pregnancies.
That's my story. :)

5 weeks (i think)

I'm almost 34 weeks with my second, who is a boy - and my skin is a DISASTER. I have a severe eczema flareup all over my body, and I've been getting staph infections all over because of it. It's basically awful. They had me on desoximetasone, but it's not working well enough, so for the last few weeks of my pregnancy they would like me to use clobetasole, which is a super strong steroid (topically). I'm also on antibiotics this week to try and resolve the staph. I'm really uncomfortable with the steroids, but I understand they're trying to heal me up a bit before I give birth so I don't go into it riddled with staph and everything...anyway. What I guess I'm really asking is...have any of you experienced anything like this? Did it get better after delivery? How long did that take? And has anyone here had to use a steroid like clobestasole in pregnancy? How about while breastfeeding? I'd really, really like to not use it very long, but I'm also scared of picking up MRSA in the hospital due to all my broken skin and...yeah, it's been rough. Thanks for any info you can give me!
15th-Jun-2014 08:32 pm - Baby # 2 Now in Full Swing!
Hello all, I'm new here. We found out we were expecting on June 2. This will be baby number 2 for me and baby #1 for my fiance'. DD is 6 years old and so excited to be a big sister. We live near Richmond, VA (a small town called Chester) and I'm very excited to get to bond with other impending mommies out there! I blogged and used message boards with DD pregnancy and enjoyed the experience, so I just had to do it again!

I had a baby 4 weeks ago today and got a 2nd degree tear. The Doctor checked me the day after I gave birth and confirmed that the stitches had fallen out but she said she would not stitch me up again and told me to keep my legs together for the next few weeks.  I checked myself today and I have mostly healed but there is still one spot that is bleeding and looks open.

Is this normal?

13th-Jun-2014 07:41 am - Fathers Day
I just found out that I am pregnant (5 weeks!) with my first.   Do people normally do something for father's day for their husbands when they are expecting, and it's this early.  I guess I just don't feel terrible pregnant.  I am afraid of starting to celebrate too much.

Also is there a feb 2015 group? I didn't see one made.

5th-Jun-2014 12:09 pm - Birth film
I haven't been on lj in eons but wanted to share my birth film with anyone who is interested :-)

I watched one of these four years ago and it inspired me to do it myself, in fact it was the first moment I realized I wanted a third child.


(rated maybe PG for some breastfeeding, no nipple showing. Otherwise completely discreet)
I'm wondering if this is normal:

I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple years ago when I didn't get my periods back for more than 18 months after giving birth to my son.The OB/GYN thought it was good to make me paranoid with the return of my period by telling me NEVER EVER let it go that long EVER again or I would die of cancer.(I was still breastfeeding, and continued to breastfeed untiI he was 26 mo) still managed to get pregnant naturally with my second.

My second delivery was extremely fast (2 hours of labour, then baby, got pitocin to make sure everything was expulsed). I had sharped pain in my ovaries for a few weeks. Whenever I mention it at medical appointments, the doctor shrugs it off. I guess, it's normal? Has this happened to anybody else?

It has been 10 months, still no periods, but pain ovaries are coming back, Is this how periods coming back feel like? Would you try to get checked by an OB/Gyn again or would you wait for your annual appointment in 6 months?
28th-May-2014 04:08 pm - Are WIC employees always like this? [wic]
Northanger Abbey
Today I had an appointment for WIC. I already automatically qualify because I get state assistance so I knew I would at least come out with vouchers. Everything was going ok until I had to speak to the dietician.

Dietitian: "so do you plan on breastfeeding?"
Me: "no"
Dietitian: "really? not even a little?"
Me: "no, I take a class D antihypertensive, which I had to stop but plan to start after the baby is born"
Dietitian: "well you're a little young for hypertension"
Me: "I make too much adrenaline, so my blood vessels narrow which drives up my blood pressure"
Dietitian: "there are a lot of antihypertensives that are safe for breastfeeding"
Me: "yes, and I've been on other blood pressure meds, but ACE Inhibitors work the best for me"
Dietitian: "well don't count it out completely..."

Then she said that once I have the baby, the doctors at the hospital would know what's best for me and blah blah. I grinned and beared it because I wanted my vouchers, but I hated every second of the conversation. Besides, I have my own doctors looking out for me.
wall.e friends
I'm (33w5d) currently at the hospital (typing on mobile sucks) diagnosed with preeclampsy (edema, high bp and proteins in pee) Thankfully lab came back more or less clean except for some hints about stomach flu (they thought it was hellp first as I had stomach cramps and the whole shebang).
This is my second pregnancy and the first one was completely without complications so i'm over my head with this one.

So far the kiddo is well and he's well developed but I'm really afraid of having to deliver early via ceasarean.

Anyone out there with a similar story whole can offer some happy thoughts?

(excuse potential mistakes... I'm german so english is not mother tongue and I'm nursing a headache ;-) )

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17th-May-2014 06:20 pm - Anyone due in January? [media]
Hey I don't know if this is allowed but I started a due in January community. is the link!
Lost in Austen
I called the OB's office because I am still bleeding and the nurse told me to come in. The doc wasn't in so the nurse examined me and said I have a dime sized blood clot at the opening of the cervix and that's what's causing the bleeding. She told me to go to the ER, so I did.

I had a pelvic at the OB's office and one at the hospital. They really hurt when you're pregnant. I also had an ultrasound and there's no obvious source of bleeding and the ER doc isn't an OB/GYN, so she let me go. I told her I have an OB appointment on Tuesday.

She said it's a threatened miscarriage and I'm not really to do much.

Baby seems fine. He was tumbling and even doing a handstand. He was completely upside down on his head, it was funny.

I'm hoping the OB has some answers as to why this is happening, unless it's one of those things that's completely random. I guess the most important thing is that the baby is safe and sound. I hope it stays that way. I'm really close to the 17 week mark and want the baby to do well.

I'm AB+ and my boyfriend is O+, so it's not like I'm bleeding because of rH incompatability.
6th-May-2014 03:58 pm - Rhogam shot
chicken little
Wondering if anyone knows if the Rhogam shot is given with lidocaine. This is my second pregnancy and I just got it like 2 hours ago and my hip and half of my thigh feel numb. I don't remember this from last time but I know sometimes IM injections are blended with lidocaine to help prevent soreness. Anyone know, or experience this??
5th-May-2014 10:18 pm - "The right time."
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Is it ever "the right time" to have a baby? Sure, there are times that are better than others...But the right time? The PERFECT time? Does it exist? To me, it seems there will always be something that could improve before it happens...But I feel as if it will always be that way.

I'm considered high risk because I had hypertension prior to pregnancy, among other things. Because of that, my OB had me see a high risk OB. I had my visit on the 29th and I also had my NT scan/ultrascreen at the same time.

At the end of my appointment, the high risk OB said that I'm going to get monthly growth scans because I'm on medications and he wants to make sure baby is growing appropriately. And because there's a family history of heart problems on both sides of the family, baby is going to get a fetal echo.

So between my regular OB and the high risk OB, I am basically going twice a month. And on top of that, I have other appointments that are not related to baby.

I guess it kind of makes me feel like both doctors will be on top of things in case something goes wrong, such as developing pre-eclampsia and I'm not going to lie, I'll am excited that I'll get to see the baby every month via ultrasound. The office has huuuuuuge monitors on the wall so I don't have to stare at a teeny tiny screen, it's awesome.

Also, does anyone know what a genetics scan is? On my appointment card, it says my visit on the 20th is for that, and then the visit after that is the fetal echo. When I google, the ultrascreen stuff comes up, but I've had that already so I can't figure out what it means.

I'm almost 15 weeks now, so I'll be nearly 17 weeks at my next ultrasound.

I also had bloodwork to see if I carry anything such as Cystic Fibrosis and other disorders, but that came back fine. And I am AB+. I find that funny because my boyfriend is O-, making me the universal receiver and him the universal donor.
This is a follow up to my VBA2C questions a few weeks ago.

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So, onto the questions.

1. Should everything still hurt after three weeks? If I "do too much" I'm in pain around my incision, even though the incision is healed. This is my third c-section and I don't know if I'm just recovering more slowly (which is what the OB thought)

2. Sometimes I still have surges of bleeding, even though most of the time I'm barely bleeding. (forgot to ask when I was there)

3. Anyone lost their feeling to pee? I don't have incontinence, I just don't realize I have to pee until I'm about to explode and it starts to hurt. The OB said it was probably because of a catheter problem and that eventually it should come back.

ETA: 4. My IV site still hurts. Like, BAD. Just to brush up against it brings tears to my eyes. I had tons of burning medicine go through it, it was right next to where the nurse blew out my other vein the first try, and it hurt the whole time it was in (so much so that I begged them to take it out and redo it in the other arm the following day). I don't think this is normal...?
Hello everyone! I just found out that I'm pregnant with my first baby and I'm super excited!

I'm about 4w5d right now. For the last 3 days, from the time my period should have started actually, I've noticed period like cramps and some very minor watery pinkish brown discharge. The cramps aren't bad, they only last for about 30seconds to maybe a minute tops. And they are sporadic throughout the day. Definitely not constant. And I don't have more than like 10 in the course of a day. I've woken up the past 2 nights from a cramp, but when I turn over it vanishes and I fall right back asleep.
As for the spotting, it's just very light pinkish brown and it's few and far between. I usually only notice it in the morning after using the bathroom for the first time. I might have a few tiny brownish spots on my underwear by the end of the day, but nothing big and definitely not bright red fresh blood.

Should I be concerned? Everywhere I've looked has said spotting is fine and cramping is fine, but if you have both then you should be worried. I have my first appointment scheduled for May 5th, and of course I'll be bringing this up with my doctor then.

Edit: Thanks very much for the replies~ I feel much better now. :)
What are the chances the baby is fine it's just under developed. The Er told me im going to have a miscarriage.
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I'm 34w+1. Last night my husband and I sat down in front of the computer to finish filing our taxes, and got hit with a bonus offer to do our wills for One Low Price. Since we've never had one officially done despite our son already being 3 years old, we decided to go for it. It was very thorough and easy, and the only special notation I made was for my son to receive my grandmother's wedding rings. Hubby went to bed before I finished mine, though, and so I got to bed a little late (around 11). I then had the most traumatic pregnant dream I've ever had.

I dreamed that I had to have another c-section and then pretend, for my protection and the baby's, that I had died. I don't know the reason, but it was vitally important. It took place in what felt like a large hotel room. My three-year-old son was there, saying, "Maman, Maman," over and over trying to "wake" me, and it broke my heart to pretend to be dead but I had to. Apart from him, there were no men present, and none of my family. All the medical staff were female (nurses and surgeons, not my midwives), and the other women who were present were some of my coworkers. After someone sent my son and the baby back to my husband (presumably to tell him the bad news), everyone started preparing to move me. The mothers of my coworkers started arriving, and I started to cry, knowing somehow that they were sacrificing a great deal to spirit me out of this... facility. We all got dressed in scrubs and started to head towards an elevator when I noticed some of the younger nurses weren't wearing masks to hide their identities, and we scurried back to the room to escape the video cameras in the halls. More women arrived, and I tried to thank each one, and then I turned around and there was my paternal grandmother, who died when I was 14 (20 years ago).

Apart from her skin being chalk-white and her thin lips painted black, she seemed just as colorful as she'd always been: a bright green wool coat, a shiny handbag, cheesy costume jewellery, the works. What made me start weeping in my dream, though, was the smell: that wonderful, ineffable, grandmotherly combination of perfume, talcum powder, and food that I still miss after 20 years. I looked at her face and I just couldn't believe it was her. Her mouth was smiling but her eyes were sad. I managed to choke out, "Is it really you?" I wanted to hug her so much but I was afraid she'd vanish like a soap bubble. There was a pause, and she said nothing, just kept smiling sadly. Then one of the older mothers around said gently, "No, she's not really here."

I woke up bawling my eyes out. My husband shook me awake because he said I'd been panting (maybe the part where we'd been running back to the room?), and then I stopped breathing. I managed to choke out the whole story, and then I went to check on our son and poke my belly a bit to make sure the baby was okay. Midwife confirmed this morning at our regular appointment that he's head down now and likely to stay that way. *whew*
21st-Apr-2014 08:00 am - spotting
Im 11 weeks pregnant and yesterday I was spotting brown discharge and a little pink blood. Is that normal
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I've had an allergy to egg whites since I was born. I am not sure about yolks, but I avoid that as well. Typical reactions include itchy mouth, hives and also anaphylaxis. My throat can get tight, eyes can swell, etc.

Today during Easter dinner, I had a pretty bad reaction given the amount of food I ate. What happened was my boyfriend's cousin made a cake. My boyfriend cut a slice for himself and asked me if I wanted to eat a little bit of the flower decoration, since I knew I couldn't eat the actual cake part. I said ok and took a teeny, tiny bite. About 30 seconds later, the tip of my tongue started feeling itchy. Then my whole mouth and my face. I didn't get hives as far as I knew, but I was itchy around my cheeks and jaw and was scratching.

I asked the cousin if the flowers were made with eggs. She said no, they were made with merengue powder. I told her that merengue is egg whites. I started feeling better 20-30 minutes later, at least.

I'm normally very, very careful with food other people have cooked and almost always ask what is in things, but I've never come across cake decorations made with merengue. Usually it's fondant or regular icing, which I can eat. Plus, his entire family knows I am allergic to eggs and always tell me in advance what does and doesn't have eggs in it.

From what I looked up, skin reactions are ok but anaphylaxis can harm the baby. Has anyone had really bad reactions to things and if so, what did you do about it? I have an OB appointment on Thursday and I am going to tell him what happened and ask him what I can do in case this happens again.
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