kiadiva8 (kiadiva8) wrote in pregnant,

My Stomach is Burning!!

Okay ladies, google is doing nothing for me right now and I need some answers. I want to chalk this up to just a stomach stretched beyond possibility but just to be sure.  Okay...for a while, my lower stomach has  an itching, pinching,  stinging the feeling you feel maybe when someone is plucking hairs one by one, or like you just fell and scraped your knee. So yeah, I had felt this every once in a while before, but for this past week, it lasts ALL day, and is painful!! I'll be asleep and it'll sting out of nowhere and my body literally jolts and wakes me up because it's so sharp. It doesn't feel like it's inside my stomach, it definitely feels like a surface/skin thing, I don't know. I don't even know what else to say about it besides I wish "bugs would stop eating at my skin." Anyone know what this could be? Or is it just super stretched skin finally taking it's toll on me?

Tags: itching, skin issues
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