Ashley Ford (fathomed) wrote in pregnant,
Okay, I had a cervical biopsy today. They were just supposed to take a look at my cervix because of an abnormal pap, but there was some type of lesion or something on there that they needed to take a biopsy of. I'm kind of freaking out thinking I might have HPV or something. Has anyone had one of these done? And does it usually mean HPV or is it quite commonly something else?

I also wanted to ask... They told me to come back if I had heavy bleeding or severe cramping. I've had some cramping but not severe, but I'm trying to decide if my stomach starts feeling tighter than normal when they happen. Can a biopsy cause preterm labor? What exactly are the signs? Does preterm labor always come quickly or can you stay in early labor for a long time still if you're coming preterm? Maybe I'm just freaking myself out about this... I'm 29 weeks.


Edit: Also, I believe what was done was a "punch biopsy" from what I've read but I'm not sure. I keep reading that cone biopsies are a cause for preterm labor but I don't think that's what my doctor did. She didn't tell me what type of biopsy it was though, and unfortunately I wasn't educated enough about biopsies to ask which type she was performing. I figured a biopsy is a biopsy...
Tags: cramps, pap smear, preterm labor
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