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ultrasound pictures! it's a boy!

first of all, i got a second opinion today and this doctor does not think i have HPV. however, my blood pressure was a little high (nothing sky rocket level) so i need to watch my salt intake.

BUT! the doctor and ultrasound tech peeked at my baby for a good 30 mins, we got some good pictures although the baby just kept moving around like crazy... and we definitely saw a winky! it's a BOY!!! yay! my mom was with me, she's 1 of 12 kids and she had 3 of us, and she just goes "YEP LOOK AT THAT WIENER!" hahaha.

here are some ultrasound pictures from 14w5d, plus my large marge belly. the baby has his momma's big nose.... lmao. :)

i was so happy to finally see him after 6 weeks!!! :)
Tags: belly photos, ultrasound photos
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