Christine (sew_crafty_girl) wrote in pregnant,

Medically induced miscarriage?

I started spotting this afternoon and got crampy so I called my midwife.

I had a doppler check and 2 ultrasounds. The baby died 2 weeks or so ago. I'm supposed to be 15 wks 4 days. I'll be going in tomorrow morning at 8:30 to have Misoprostyl administered and deliver my Angel :( I want to avoid a 4th D&C. Last m/c was only a partial one and I ended up needing a D&C for the placenta a week later.

All my miscarriages have been missed ones. My body has trouble letting go.

This is my 4 miscarriage and 3rd 2nd trimester loss.

What can I expect with the misoprostyl? That is, if I don't naturally m/c first, which is what happened last time. To make things worse, my regular OB is out of town, but at least my midwife was able to be with me today for my scan.

I was also on spring break with my kids and had to send them to my ex's.
Tags: cervidil/cytotec, miscarriage, spotting, trimester - second, ultrasound
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