Jamie / QuietRiot / Green Eyes (quietriot833) wrote in pregnant,

so dizzy i can't stand up...

 I am 22 years old and 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.  I've been feeling pretty good lately, just here and there I don't feel too hot, but that's normal.  Today I started moving some things out of what's going to be the baby's room and I didn't think I was doing anything I couldn't handle, but all of a sudden I got really dizzy.  I figured some water and food would solve my problem, but almost 5 hours later, I'm dizzier than I was to start with.  I've never had dizzy spells that last so long.  

I did recently see a cardiologist because I have had a few spells of almost passing out.  The urgent care dept did an EKG a few weeks ago and found a long QT (?) and so I'm being set up this week with a heart monitor to view my dizzy spells to see if it's anything not related to the pregnancy...

Have any of you had experience with long periods of dizziness?  I was dizzy a lot in the very beginning of my pregnancy but it wasn't like this and subsided after a few weeks.

Tags: dizziness
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