ajsuram (ajsuram) wrote in pregnant,

Feeling feverish, no real fever

Hi wonderful community,

So, I'm 6 wk pregnant. Yesterday I woke up feeling rather warm, so I took my temperature. It was 99F in the morning, which is high for me - I mean, I can feel it. No other symptoms were present. I called our hospital's advising nurse, and she told me to drink fluids and don't let the temperature rise over 100,4. I checked it throughout the day, and it was fluctuating around 99 all the time.
Today the same thing is going on, and worse yet, I feel feverish, and tired, and as if I have been ill for a while with a really high temperature. Still, my thermometer shows all the variations between 98,6 and 99F. What's going on? Did anyone had such experience? I am worried and will try to reach my doctor later today, but I was wondering if any of you have any advice.
Thank you!
Tags: fever, trimester - first
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