hoping_4_happy (hoping_4_happy) wrote in pregnant,

SCH and baby aspirin?

I am 9 weeks and baby is looking great, but they found a subchorionic hemorrhage yesterday. They gave me the talk that it could go either way and I asked about my aspirin. I am on baby aspirin for a miscarriage at 8.5 weeks. I genuinely think it is helping, because I always had a problem with circulation and now that I'm on it, I feel so much better. But with the SCH I don't know if it will exacerbate the bleeding! I asked the on call OB and she suggested to discontinue, though said she wasn't sure and had to ask around. She said she doesn't think I should still be on it! But I am really scared to go off it. I skipped my first pill last night since July, and it just doesn't feel like I should have done it... I mean, don't I WANT the SCH to bleed so that it goes away and doesn't just sit there? Wasn't the aspirin supposed to prevent me from getting one in the first place?

So the question is- if you were on baby aspirin and they diagnosed a SCH, what did the OB tell you to do and what was the outcome?
Tags: medications, subchorionic hematoma
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