Deana Rae (deanarae) wrote in pregnant,

Ultrasound Technician vs. Orange Juice

Monday was my 20 week ultrasound. We really wanted to be able to find out the sex of the baby, and I had read that drinking orange juice before the ultrasound would make the baby more active. I wanted it to be active, so we would be sure to see all necessary parts, so I drank a small bottle of OJ on the way. I do believe the ultrasound technician wanted to kill me. :) The baby - a BOY! - would not stay still at all! He was all over the place, making it really difficult for the tech to get the pictures she needed. Oops! But we were definitely able to see that he is a boy.

It was so surreal to watch him there on the screen, going absolutely mad, and not be able to feel it. I think I felt him today, but it's still so subtle that it may just be gas. If he's that active all the time, I should probably enjoy NOT being able to feel him!
Tags: ultrasound
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