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I got fired because I'm pregnant

I started a new job for wal-mart on March 30th. At the time I did the interviews I wasn't pregnant, but I am now. After the first ultra sound, it looks like I got pregnant when my boyo and I celebrated me getting the call that I got the job.

During training they printed out the policy on attendance. It stated that we can miss three days of work (so long as we call in at least an hour prior too) our scheduled clock in, before we got a verbal reprimand/ coaching. After which, if you miss another day of work it goes to a written couching. If you miss a 5th day of work, you go to a decision making day. Then if you miss a 6h day, you get terminated/ fired.

The policy changes if you do a no-call/ no show. The two days I missed I did call in and wrote down the confirmation numbers.

Now, mind you, when they first hand-wrote my schedule, the supervisor made a mistake and skipped a day. So the day of the week didn't match the number day for that day. I noticed this and asked the supervisor on duty what do I follow? He said, ignore the number dates and go by the days for it,. I did that. But it obviously didn't match the computer system since when I logged in on some days, I had to get a supervisor (same one) to override it, and on other days, it came as a no call/no show. This was dealt with, at least I thought it had because the supervisor said not to worry about it after I brought in the hand written schedule as proof for my schedule given to me.

But all of this was brought up at a meeting during my work day yesterday and the supervisor that could verify it all wasn't on duty. They called me in the back an assistant manager with a female whitness to discuss my attendance. He said I followed a different policy, which was never once explained to me or given to me at all. He had me thinking I totally misunderstood what the trainer said and gave me (cause I didn't have any of my training papers with me at work. I kept those at home).

He said, according to the policy I'm in trouble if I miss three days of work. I was like, I didn't miss three days of work, I only called in twice. I can get DR notes to explain my absences. (I had just been in the ER for bleeding while being pregnant and got some meds that were beating me up big time).

He said it didn't matter, that because I'm pregnant he knows I will miss another day of work. However, I am re-hirable if I apply in a year when I don't have the problems of pregnancy.

During this conversation the witness left the room and closed the door because another co-worker (or I suppose ex-co-worker) came in and wasn't suppose to be witness to me being fired).

My pregnancy hasn't done anything to decreease my job performance. The only change was that I can't lift anything 50lbs or more. I'm not the only one in my "unit" which is pregnant, and there are obviously a lot of other women working there pregnant. I really don't understand what made it so different for me.

Is it fair? Cause I do plan to talk to the actual store-manager tomorrow and bring in all my papers from training, the schedule (the guy who fired me wouldn't even let me go get it to proof that there was a schedule conflict for dates on what was originally given to me), and so on. There isn't exactly a lot of places here to work at for a decent pay with benefits and it would be nice to possibly work at the other wal-mart in the city or other subsidiaries. But I am still tossing out applications for just about anything.
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