Jen (lilmoe) wrote in pregnant,
  • Mood: curious

Hot breasts!!! ;o)

Does anyone else find their boobs get like scorching hot at times? Kind of like a "hot flash" only just in your breasts? I hope this is normal because it's been happening to me all the time lately (I'm 4 months along and this is my first).

I just walked home from work, like 15 minutes in 5 degree frigid cold, and every other part of my body is cool to the touch but my boobs? Well, I'd swear I could fry an egg on them right now they are literally burning hot to the touch!

My books say nothing about this so I was wondering a. am I the only one? and b. (to those who are futher along or have done this before) is this just a weird phase or should I get used to having boob shaped radiators on my chest??
Tags: breast issues/changes
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