Aspen (lunabelle) wrote in pregnant,

Just 38 days until baby is due..

I'm not at all emotionally or mentally prepared for this. I am in no rush for this little darling to come into this world and I'm pretty overwhelmed tonight. I have my in laws staying with me from now until June 30th and I already can't breathe. As I was finishing my shower I realized I left a bowl in MY kitchen sink and all I can think of is I must get dressed so I can go down there to put it away so My MIL doesn't clean it. I have visions of her thinking I left it there for her to clean. NO thats just how I live but I temporarily forgot my house rules have changed into her house rules. Ahh. my hubby is out of town for another two weeks.

How do I prepare for this baby? I know nothing of babies and have never been around them before. I already love this little darling like I've never loved before but I have no idea how to care for it.

Any tips, links to good reads or just "you are not alone" would be great.

Thanks ladies!

Tags: dealing with family/friends/others, parenting
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