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22nd-Jun-2012 01:12 pm - new here... [introductions]
Hi everyone :) I'm 24, married, I live in Ohio, and I just found out last Saturday that I'm pregnant with my first baby! I'm about 5 1/2 weeks along and due at the end of February. I've been checking out this community for years and I'm so excited to be joining!

I just have a concern that I wanted to get off my chest and hopefully someone can relate. I went to my gyno for the first time about 3 weeks ago (before I knew I was pregnant) to get a check up and talk to him about getting pregnant. He examined me and said everything was fine and normal but he gave me a blood test to check my hormone levels as my periods have been irregular. Two days later the receptionist called and told me that "my hormone levels are not where they need to be to get pregnant" and said to keep trying and to call the office if I hadn't conceived in three months. Well, two weeks later when my period was late and I took a pregnancy test that immediately showed two bright pink lines. I was completely shocked because I had kind of put the possibility of being pregnant out of my head after that phone call. I took three more tests over the course of a few days to be certain and they've all been positive. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had issues with hormone levels or an experience like this? Should I be worried? I'm going to my doctor on Tuesday to confirm the pregnancy so hopefully I'll get more information then.


ETA: Thank you all so much for your thoughtful responses! I feel so much better :)
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