Suck it (januarygirl21) wrote in pregnant,

Misoprostal induction at homebirth

So, I am 40w4d and at my prenatal appt today my naturopath and midwife mentioned induction by vaginal misoprostal insertion. They weren't too concerned by me going to 42wks but with my first baby I went 18 days "past due." They said they "would't let that happen" this time. I had a totally healthy son and normal homebirth so I really don't see what the big deal is. My bp is totally fine 90/50 today and urine is swelling, no "baby is too big" concerns being I don't get it. I am planning another homebirth and I feel like it totally defeats the purpose to have any augmentation. Plus, misoprostal does not sound like a party I want to attend AT ALL. I don't need anything that helps make the pain worse, thank you very much. This just sounds so odd, don't you think? Anyone here been induced with this drug outside of a hospital setting? Or in the hospital for that matter...I am curious as to the effects of the drug as far as increasing strength of contractions.
Tags: cervidil/cytotec, induction, overdue
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