petite_star (petite_star) wrote in pregnant,

Virus / flu

My family have been visiting a dying friend in hospital for the past 4 weeks and brought some kind of virus with them
that I now have as well (so much for staying away from places like that when people bring it to you on a plate). 

The first night I felt so bad I thought I was going into pre-term labour and nearly called my midwife. 
Last night I spend all night in hospital with my mum who was brought in because of this stupid virus 
and now I've been throwing up, sore throat, shaky etc as well. The lower back pain has gone but I keep getting little stabs 
in my uterus area, a little more lower then that. It's not consistent but I was just wondering if something like this
will go over by itself if i keep myself hydrated and nourished and just take plenty of rest? 

Tags: aches and pains, flu, trimester - third
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