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So, this pregnancy is much more oppressive than my last, with RLP, SI issues, back pain uncomfortable braxton hicks, a fetus that likes aiming at my cervix, and general constant discomfort in the pelvic region. 10 weeks ago or so, I would wake up multiple times a night rolling over and going ouch. My general level of pain has gone up since then, but I sleep through the night just fine. I learned to sleep through it, apparently. My first labor was 28 hours, which I'm sure was lengthened by starting at the ceiling at 3 am being hyper every time a contraction hit and being generally stressed, anxious, and exhausted through the whole process. Not to mention a boy who fought back against every contraction "the walls are not caving in!!!!! kick kick kick!!!"

Anyway. Have any of you found a correlation between design with pre term pain and discomfort and ability to deal with labor and labor times? On a good day, sitting is about a 0 on a 0-10 scale, walking is about a 1 and transitioning between lay/sit/stand or stairs is a 2-3. A bad day can double that, with sitting starting around a 2. In other words, I've had a lot of practice coping with mild to medium discomfort. It should help dealing with labor, right?

Also, how long did it take for those of you with mild to moderate pelvic girdle issues to get back to normal? I've read everything from instant on delivery to never. Anecdotes welcome.
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