0psych0 (0psych0) wrote in pregnant,

I kinda feel stupid asking this

Ok to start I'm 38w4d and at my appointment last Tuesday I was 3 cm dilated and 75% thinned, head has been low for a while. All day yesterday I was extremely uncomfortable, it felt like the baby was in a weird position, like she was bunched in a ball and no matter what position I was in it was very uncomfortable. So then I woke up last night to pee and when I got up I had some pressure and pain in my vagina, enough that after I peed I started to feel around down there. I noticed that right inside the opening there is something there that feels rounded and I have to go around it to even insert a finger inside. It kinda freaked me out to be honest. It feels like it's blocking my vaginal opening. Then I was up for two hours with inconsistent contractions and back pain. Has anyone else experienced this? What is this in my vagina? Could I be going into labor? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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