tricia arden caldwell (equivocated) wrote in pregnant,
Has anyone else gone through an entire pregnancy not exactly knowing when they're due? With my first pregnancy, I did not get an ultrasound at all, but had a pretty accurate idea of my due date since my periods had been regular for most of my menstruating life. (I gave birth 4 days shy of my due date)

This time, I intend on getting one ultrasound, probably, but am undecided on how to proceed... I would be anywhere between 4-9 weeks (or even outside of that) because my 16-month old still breastfeeds like a maniac and have not really had any regular periods, yet, since 2010, basically... all I can say for sure is that I am pregnant and the nausea is way less intense this time, hooray!

...I am a business owner, so the only issue lies in the fact that I would like to give a fairly accurate date to my students/employees/parents when my life will change, and subsequently theirs, in order to accomodate everyone, find a replacement for me during my maternity leave, etc, without my business falling apart.I am not convinced that ultrasounds are the safest practice, which is why we avoided them the first time, so I am torn...

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