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3rd-Dec-2012 12:17 pm - 37 weeks pregnant with second [labor]
I am 37 weeks pregnant and 1 day with my second and this has been a totally different experience from the first time with no complications whatsoever.

Around the 32-33 week mark I started having the Braxton Hicks contractions and cramping and the normal pregnant uncomfortable everything. But it's been intentisfying and the only reason I am writing this blog is to ask for your experiences if you've had more than one pregnancy has been like this.

With my first I was 5 days late (no pregnant complications) and my water didn't break, it was more of 'runny tap' sort of feeling (which they did a swab at the hospital and it was my amniotic fluid) without any contractions or braxton hicks and I had to be induced, 21 hours later, she was born vaginally. This time around BH feel like the real contractions, severe cramping and intense sharp pains in my lower abdomen. Yesterday, since I woke up in the morning I was cramping up until 9pm which then I started having regular, strong contractions and it was my entire abdomen not just in spots. This lasted up until almost midnight when I finally feel asleep. When I was even walking around and switching lying/sitting positions last night it wouldn't stop. I even took a 30 minute bath to help - nothing. This morning I woke up with cramping again, I went for a 20 minute walk this morning to help, which only made the pressure down there feel better. The minute I got back home from the walk I had diarrhea. Cramping is still continuing on lower abdomen with occasionally sharp pains and more discharge then yesterday and they checked me at 35 weeks pregnant and I was still closed up. I see my obstetrician this Wednesday thank god. I haven't been trying to induce myself either, baby will come when it's ready.

Is this early labor?
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