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I last posted about struggling with some depression like feelings. I have felt better over the last day or so, I think the idea that I would get to talk to my doctor today was fairly helpful. Well it would have been helpful if this doctor had not been a total ASS! I think I mentioned somewhere that my husband is military so I am seeing doctors (yep plural) on base. Sometimes you have to take what you can get with appointment availability especially when you are high risk and they want to see you every 2 weeks. I really like this one doctor and after 3 appointments of not seeing her, I am only taking appointments with her from now on unless there is a ridiculous wait (ie 4 weeks instead of 2).

Today this doctor that I have never seen before was just terrible. Tried to tell me that I was wrong about how to use an RX I have been on for 2 years now and had the wrong dose. I called my husband, who was home, and asked him to read me the dose, I was right. The RX is a prophylactic, so I use it as a preventative for UTI's, it is a lower dose than what he thinks it should be but he is also worried I have been on it for two years. So what does he do? Says "Well I guess I can refill it but I am going to refill it at 100 and you take it everyday." Let's get this straight, he upped my dose and changed how often I take it? That make a lot of sense dumb ass. He then tried to tell me it is obvious I am not drinking enough water because my lips are dry. OR....it could be the fact that I have been having major congestion since about 2 months pregnant and find myself breathing through my mouth and not using chapstick (I don't normally snore and since being pregnant my husband has told me that he has caught me snoring more than once). Ladies let me tell you what I drink in a normal day. I start my day with a cup of coffee or juice glass of juice. Then I start working on my first liter of water. By lunch I have usually finished that and still have a glass of water or iced tea with lunch. After that I work on my second liter. Some days I don't make it through both liters but pretty damn close. NO I AM NOT DEHYDRATED! The look on his face was almost as if he didn't believe me. I wanted to smack him!

Oh and I almost forgot. My last appointment was November 20th, 2 weeks and 3 days ago. He sits there and says, "why haven't we been seeing you every two weeks?" Um, you have. "Well I am seeing your last appointment was the 20th so..." I turn to the 3 month calendar hanging on the wall and say, yeah, 2 weeks and 3 days ago. I hope to god this man is not on call when I go into labor.

Needless to say at this point I was done talking to him. I just wanted to get out of there, get my errands done and go home. I didn't make it to talking about the depression as he had been so unhelpful up to that point. My next appointment is in just under 2 weeks and with the doctor I really like (YAY!) and I will have no problem talking to her. Today my feeling down has been replaced with my good old Italian temper. I was pissed! Lucky for me the Doctor did not have a uniform on and only introduced himself as Dr. so and so, which means I had no clue what his rank was and no problem telling him off. LOL I have some respect for rank but I think I still would have been a little pissy with the way he was treating me even if he was a Captain (all of my Drs have been Capts so far).
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