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8th-Dec-2012 11:38 pm(no subject) [bloody show, labor, mucus plug]
Quick question for opinions:

Pregnant with third kidlet. First, induced. Second, natural, but 5 days late. Neither had mucus plug or bloody show or water breakage, till hospital. Tonight, my plug started to come out (38 weeks today), and getting a touch of bloody show. Feeling a bit of cramping, pressure, and aching (right leg, back, etc).

Second kidlet's labor went pretty fast. From the start of contractions till birth was -maybe- 7 hours. 5 hours at home laboring, 2 at hospital. First was induced and ran 1 minute under 8 hours total.

I'm kinda getting the feeling that this is actually labor starting, but just curious about what you think. Third pregnancy and all. Since I live 45 minutes from the hospital, I'm just really paying attention to the signs.

Also, forgot to mention, was dilated to 1 the other day at the dr, baby has dropped, and they were planning on inducing Tuesday/Wednesday due to High bp and possible pre-e. Also, 9 years since my last pregnancy, so a bit foggy in remembering last time!

Thanks in advance!
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