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illustmaker thingy
I'm 24w5d with our first, and for the past 3 days or so I've been having some unusual abdominal muscle pain and burning below the sternum. Up to this point, I'd been expanding nice and gradually; suddenly I feel like a rapidly inflating balloon, and my muscles feel like they can't stretch as quickly as my insides want them to. I've palpated for diastasis recti and haven't noticed any separation, but it literally feels like I'm ripping apart at the seams. I've been massaging to try to keep the connective tissue malleable, watching my posture and trying to be aware of any twisting or flexing movements. I see my OB in 2 weeks and my midwife in 3, so as long as this doesn't worsen I'm just planning on mentioning it then. Does this sound familiar? Any tips on mitigating the pain or damage at this stage, or is this just one of those pregnancy symptoms you just acknowledge and power through? Thanks for any input!
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