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Kick count

I'm starting to get worried about this idea of doing a kick count. (Damn you, Google!) I've been feeling movement lately and have been since around 13w, but most of it is at night, and a lot of it recently are (I believe) a lot of hiccups. Not too many kicks or swishes or anything like that, though they do happen.

So of course, now I'm starting to freak out a bit. I'm not far from having to do kick counts, and I'm getting concerned that I won't be able to or that Kit won't be kicking enough, and that it would warrant a trip to my midwife.

Any tips on NOT spazzing? Did you experience any significant increase in movement from, say, 20 weeks to when you had to start counting (around 28 weeks, if I recall correctly)?

Thanks! :)

ETA: Anterior placenta, if that helps any!
Tags: anterior placenta, movement
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