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With my first pregnancy the attending obsetrician had to break my water because I was leaking throughout the entire day (confirmed it was ferning through a swab they did) and just thought it was discharge because I was not having any contractions or cramping. I don't remember how it felt. 

My due date is in 4 days and I've been experiencing the same thing again. I've been in twice already in the last 3 weeks because of it and they tell me its just discharge. I've been 'leaking' for the last 24 hours, but this time around it's only cramping, no contractions. It doesn't come and go, just the flow increases then decreases and then increases, over and over again. I've been having incredible braxton hicks sicne 35 weeks. I was admitted to L&D this past Monday with 40-55 second contractions every 1m30-3m from 6pm-2am until they sent me home because my cervix was not thinning out, only 4-5 cm dilated, stationed at zero and the contractions had decreased to being 15 minutes apart, lasting only 20-30 seconds. Everyone there thought I was going to be delivering this baby.

The next day (Tuesday), I woke up at 7:30 am with contractions, regular again, so we went into the hospital. I was still exactly the same as when they discharged me home. By 4pm, they finally convinced me to take some narcotics to help me with pain and see if the contractions would stop without having to induce me. If by the evening and I was still having regular contractions, they would induce me. By 6:30pm, they finally stopped and I got to sleep but since then I've been cramping and tightening on and off.

How do you REALLY know?!?!
Anyone experience this or similar to this?!?!
What does it feel like for your water to break?!?!

Note: I do live 45 minutes from the hospital and we have to drive on Manitoba winter highways.
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