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I'm 18w pregnant with my first, and I would like to transfer to the freestanding birth center across the street from the hospital in my city. However, I will be getting the paperwork for my new employer-provided insurance in a few days, and I know nothing about what it will cover as far as that goes. I know that it covers the traditional maternity stuff very well, as many co-workers have raved about how great it is, but they were all happy to stick with the classic hospital setting.

So my question is, what wording should I look for in the paperwork to find out if it's gonna cover the birth center? Or do I have to call? I've never had insurance that covered *any* maternity stuff, so I don't really know what I'm doing here :/ If I can avoid calling and talking to someone, I would like to. I have moderate social anxiety and phone calls make it waaaay worse :(
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