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Dino Shoop
I'm 26 weeks pregnant with number 2 and a few weeks back I went for my "big" scan where they check everything. The doctor's office was doing this cute thing where if you wanted to find out boy/girl, they would do that part of the scan, not tell you that day and wrap an ornament for you to open on Christmas as a "present" ...since this is the last baby I'm planning on, hubby and I decided to get the ornament and wait.....so this morning we opened it up!

I was THRILLED!!!!! 1) I'm an only child and would have LOVED  sister growing up....so even though I would have loved a boy, I think it's neat my daughter will have the sister bond. They will be about 2 1/2 years apart, so hopefully close enough to really get to be playmates and enjoy each other 2) I can reuse everything!!! My wallet also breathed a sigh of relief at realizing I wasn't going to have to redo everything (I am a "girly girl" at heart..so my first daughter lived and still lives, though now more by her own choosing,  in a world of pink/purple). My hubby was also very, very happy as he had made it no secret all along that he wanted another daughter. 

Very fun Christmas surprise
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