Angela (dreamer512) wrote in pregnant,

Loss of symptoms

I could use a little reassurance from anyone who may have been in the same shoes...

I'm about 8 weeks 2 days pregnant, and I haven't felt pregnant for the last 4 days. I was feeling queasy or nauseated before, especially if I was getting hungry or shortly after eating a meal. Foods tasted really strong for me, so I didn't like anything unless it was bland. I felt thirsty a lot. I was very fatigued. I had minor cramping off and on.

I know it's normal for symptoms to come and go, but I don't feel anything at all, other than a sore back (which could be just normal back pain for me) or a little bloated (which could also be from a cyst I have), and it seems early to lose all symptoms this early for this long. I've had a missed miscarriage before at 6 weeks, in which I woke up one morning and all my symptoms were gone and it wasn't confirmed until my 8 week ultrasound. I was also pregnant with twins, and my symptoms lessened around this point, but not altogether- the fatigue in particular remained for the 1st trimester. I have an ultrasound scheduled on Tuesday afternoon, so there's no point going in sooner. I just can't help but worry.
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