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Yeast, BV or ??? 
11th-Apr-2014 11:14 am
Hello everyone,

A bit about me, I am 38 yrs old female trying to conceive. I had a miscarriage back in December, the pregnancy was a surprise and so now we are actually trying. My partner is a 38 yr old male who has 8 children already, he is healthy but does drink a lot of beer, smoke cigarettes and pot.

Because I have PCOS, am a plus sized girl and only get my period because I am on Metformin (at least that's what my doctor is claiming), we are trying a low dose of Seraphim/Clomid.

I did one cycle last month but sadly it did not work, but it did succeed in giving me a yeast infection ... I think. I did not have a cottage cheese like discharge and no abnormal order. But my bits and pieces got swollen, sore and itchy. A friend of mine suggested I do the "dip stick test", which was inserting a finger and swirling it around and check for discharge, and there was a little bit of white discharge. So I went to the pharmacy and they suggested I just use Canasten external cream because it didn't sound like it was internal yet, and that gave me relieve and I felt better the next day.

Fast forward a month and here I am again, sore, slightly swollen and raw with a minor itch - But no discharge again - even with the dip stick test. So I pulled out the cream again, but am wondering if I should use the tablet or just keep using the cream? Or should I go to my dr.?

I did not know Seraphim/Clomid could increase your risk of yeasties but is it possible? I am in the middle of my 10 high fertile days and don't really want to not have sex, but if it's going to hurt what fun is that?

Any suggestions from anyone? Is it yeast? Is it the Seraphim/Clomid? Should I be worried? Go see my dr.?

On a side note, has anyone used Seraphim/Clomid? If so did you have success and how many rounds did it take? With the first pregnancy I took a cycle on days 5-10 and got pregnant right away but miscarried. This I have a different Dr. and she had me take it from days 3-7 and I am on my second round (first one didn't work) ... would the days make a difference?

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11th-Apr-2014 06:34 pm (UTC)
Go to the dr they can give you a better script than the over the counter stuff. You probably did not get rid of it fully last moth. Also no sex while you have yeast infection or no clue what it is because you really don't want to give it to your husband and keep passing it back and forth. Also your husband should get check to see if he doesn't have one either and passed it back to you.
11th-Apr-2014 06:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the advice, I think I am going to have to go ... blah it's so hard to get into see my dr.
11th-Apr-2014 09:37 pm (UTC)
I used Clomid for three cycles and conceived the fourth cycle with my now-22 month old.
I'm sorry about your miscarriage.
I have PCOS but I ovulate even without Metformin (I am taking it though).

I am currently barely pregnant with #3 (not even 4 weeks yet) but I attribute acupuncture for my success more than anything. I did one cycle of Clomid in January.
14th-Apr-2014 01:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the response, I am hoping that this cycle works but I am going to keep trying.

At least I know I have hope!
14th-Apr-2014 02:21 pm (UTC)
I recommend the book Making Babies by Sami David. I could talk your ear off about ttc stuff. :)
11th-Apr-2014 10:02 pm (UTC)
See your doctor. Once you've had a diagnosed yeast infection and know what it is you're experiencing it's usually fine to use OTC stuff, but since you're not positive that's what you have then i would get that checked out.
14th-Apr-2014 01:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I think I am going to phone my dr. office today because the itching is still there and the cream seems to not be working any more.
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