Melissa (3ofhearts) wrote in pregnant,

Belly button piercing scar

My belly button is changing shape, I assume, because my tummy is starting to stretch a bit. I noticed today that the scar from where it used to be pierced had blistered. I squeezed it (I can't resist) and puss and then blood squirted out (gross!). It still looks pretty nasty.

Thing is, I haven't had a ring in my belly button for the past 2-3 years, and I thought it was all closed up. It's bled on both sides today too. I'm afraid that when my tummy gets bigger the blister will work itself out and tear up the top lip of my belly button alltogether. I've heard that surface piercings will eventually all tear out the top of the skin, but I didn't know that applied to scars.

This ever happen to anyone? It was a really crappy piercing in the first place, which is why I took it out. Just happened today too, after years of it being a tiny white scar, it's now a big bloody blister.
Tags: piercings
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