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Valerie Bear
Hi everyone. A year ago i became pregnant and at around 7 weeks i had an ultra sound. They couldn't find a fetus, so they sent me to a specialist. Getting an appointment and wasting for results were the worst. It took so long that by the time i was 13 weeks i finally had a miscarriage. I went to the Er because of bleeding....then and only then they told me, yes you have a Blighted Ovum which i had already had a feeling. The ultra sound specialist couldn't even tell me cause my OB had to tell me...so i had to wait.... After the miscarriage on mother's day 2013 i went to my OB and out was a disaster cause they dont keep notes and forgot i called forgot who i was. It was so painful having to tell them what happened and don't they even have my results from the ultra sound specialist? They had to look for them. Ugh! So after that i told myself i won't go back there ever again.

Well, last Monday i took a pregnant test...one of those cheapy little ones like from the 99 cent store..i had a few. And it showed a very light faint pink positive. And then again early next morning but it was the same..then 4 days later, out was darker. So, im pregnant :). I just have reservations about the doctor cause i don't wanna rush like i did last time because of what happened to me. I was so sad. We had told everyone and all for a Blighted Ovum...i was pregnant with no fetus inside. But, on a brighter note i have gf two other successful pregnancies.
That's my story. :)

5 weeks (i think)

I'm almost 34 weeks with my second, who is a boy - and my skin is a DISASTER. I have a severe eczema flareup all over my body, and I've been getting staph infections all over because of it. It's basically awful. They had me on desoximetasone, but it's not working well enough, so for the last few weeks of my pregnancy they would like me to use clobetasole, which is a super strong steroid (topically). I'm also on antibiotics this week to try and resolve the staph. I'm really uncomfortable with the steroids, but I understand they're trying to heal me up a bit before I give birth so I don't go into it riddled with staph and everything...anyway. What I guess I'm really asking is...have any of you experienced anything like this? Did it get better after delivery? How long did that take? And has anyone here had to use a steroid like clobestasole in pregnancy? How about while breastfeeding? I'd really, really like to not use it very long, but I'm also scared of picking up MRSA in the hospital due to all my broken skin and...yeah, it's been rough. Thanks for any info you can give me!
15th-Jun-2014 08:32 pm - Baby # 2 Now in Full Swing!
Hello all, I'm new here. We found out we were expecting on June 2. This will be baby number 2 for me and baby #1 for my fiance'. DD is 6 years old and so excited to be a big sister. We live near Richmond, VA (a small town called Chester) and I'm very excited to get to bond with other impending mommies out there! I blogged and used message boards with DD pregnancy and enjoyed the experience, so I just had to do it again!

I had a baby 4 weeks ago today and got a 2nd degree tear. The Doctor checked me the day after I gave birth and confirmed that the stitches had fallen out but she said she would not stitch me up again and told me to keep my legs together for the next few weeks.  I checked myself today and I have mostly healed but there is still one spot that is bleeding and looks open.

Is this normal?

13th-Jun-2014 07:41 am - Fathers Day
I just found out that I am pregnant (5 weeks!) with my first.   Do people normally do something for father's day for their husbands when they are expecting, and it's this early.  I guess I just don't feel terrible pregnant.  I am afraid of starting to celebrate too much.

Also is there a feb 2015 group? I didn't see one made.

5th-Jun-2014 12:09 pm - Birth film
I haven't been on lj in eons but wanted to share my birth film with anyone who is interested :-)

I watched one of these four years ago and it inspired me to do it myself, in fact it was the first moment I realized I wanted a third child.



(rated maybe PG for some breastfeeding, no nipple showing. Otherwise completely discreet)
I'm wondering if this is normal:

I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple years ago when I didn't get my periods back for more than 18 months after giving birth to my son.The OB/GYN thought it was good to make me paranoid with the return of my period by telling me NEVER EVER let it go that long EVER again or I would die of cancer.(I was still breastfeeding, and continued to breastfeed untiI he was 26 mo) still managed to get pregnant naturally with my second.

My second delivery was extremely fast (2 hours of labour, then baby, got pitocin to make sure everything was expulsed). I had sharped pain in my ovaries for a few weeks. Whenever I mention it at medical appointments, the doctor shrugs it off. I guess, it's normal? Has this happened to anybody else?

It has been 10 months, still no periods, but pain ovaries are coming back, Is this how periods coming back feel like? Would you try to get checked by an OB/Gyn again or would you wait for your annual appointment in 6 months?
28th-May-2014 04:08 pm - Are WIC employees always like this? [wic]
Northanger Abbey
Today I had an appointment for WIC. I already automatically qualify because I get state assistance so I knew I would at least come out with vouchers. Everything was going ok until I had to speak to the dietician.

Dietitian: "so do you plan on breastfeeding?"
Me: "no"
Dietitian: "really? not even a little?"
Me: "no, I take a class D antihypertensive, which I had to stop but plan to start after the baby is born"
Dietitian: "well you're a little young for hypertension"
Me: "I make too much adrenaline, so my blood vessels narrow which drives up my blood pressure"
Dietitian: "there are a lot of antihypertensives that are safe for breastfeeding"
Me: "yes, and I've been on other blood pressure meds, but ACE Inhibitors work the best for me"
Dietitian: "well don't count it out completely..."

Then she said that once I have the baby, the doctors at the hospital would know what's best for me and blah blah. I grinned and beared it because I wanted my vouchers, but I hated every second of the conversation. Besides, I have my own doctors looking out for me.
wall.e friends
I'm (33w5d) currently at the hospital (typing on mobile sucks) diagnosed with preeclampsy (edema, high bp and proteins in pee) Thankfully lab came back more or less clean except for some hints about stomach flu (they thought it was hellp first as I had stomach cramps and the whole shebang).
This is my second pregnancy and the first one was completely without complications so i'm over my head with this one.

So far the kiddo is well and he's well developed but I'm really afraid of having to deliver early via ceasarean.

Anyone out there with a similar story whole can offer some happy thoughts?

(excuse potential mistakes... I'm german so english is not mother tongue and I'm nursing a headache ;-) )

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17th-May-2014 06:20 pm - Anyone due in January? [media]
Hey I don't know if this is allowed but I started a due in January community.

http://january-2015.livejournal.com/ is the link!
Lost in Austen
I called the OB's office because I am still bleeding and the nurse told me to come in. The doc wasn't in so the nurse examined me and said I have a dime sized blood clot at the opening of the cervix and that's what's causing the bleeding. She told me to go to the ER, so I did.

I had a pelvic at the OB's office and one at the hospital. They really hurt when you're pregnant. I also had an ultrasound and there's no obvious source of bleeding and the ER doc isn't an OB/GYN, so she let me go. I told her I have an OB appointment on Tuesday.

She said it's a threatened miscarriage and I'm not really to do much.

Baby seems fine. He was tumbling and even doing a handstand. He was completely upside down on his head, it was funny.

I'm hoping the OB has some answers as to why this is happening, unless it's one of those things that's completely random. I guess the most important thing is that the baby is safe and sound. I hope it stays that way. I'm really close to the 17 week mark and want the baby to do well.

I'm AB+ and my boyfriend is O+, so it's not like I'm bleeding because of rH incompatability.
6th-May-2014 03:58 pm - Rhogam shot
chicken little
Wondering if anyone knows if the Rhogam shot is given with lidocaine. This is my second pregnancy and I just got it like 2 hours ago and my hip and half of my thigh feel numb. I don't remember this from last time but I know sometimes IM injections are blended with lidocaine to help prevent soreness. Anyone know, or experience this??
5th-May-2014 10:18 pm - "The right time."
D&M → 2
Is it ever "the right time" to have a baby? Sure, there are times that are better than others...But the right time? The PERFECT time? Does it exist? To me, it seems there will always be something that could improve before it happens...But I feel as if it will always be that way.

I'm considered high risk because I had hypertension prior to pregnancy, among other things. Because of that, my OB had me see a high risk OB. I had my visit on the 29th and I also had my NT scan/ultrascreen at the same time.

At the end of my appointment, the high risk OB said that I'm going to get monthly growth scans because I'm on medications and he wants to make sure baby is growing appropriately. And because there's a family history of heart problems on both sides of the family, baby is going to get a fetal echo.

So between my regular OB and the high risk OB, I am basically going twice a month. And on top of that, I have other appointments that are not related to baby.

I guess it kind of makes me feel like both doctors will be on top of things in case something goes wrong, such as developing pre-eclampsia and I'm not going to lie, I'll am excited that I'll get to see the baby every month via ultrasound. The office has huuuuuuge monitors on the wall so I don't have to stare at a teeny tiny screen, it's awesome.

Also, does anyone know what a genetics scan is? On my appointment card, it says my visit on the 20th is for that, and then the visit after that is the fetal echo. When I google, the ultrascreen stuff comes up, but I've had that already so I can't figure out what it means.

I'm almost 15 weeks now, so I'll be nearly 17 weeks at my next ultrasound.

I also had bloodwork to see if I carry anything such as Cystic Fibrosis and other disorders, but that came back fine. And I am AB+. I find that funny because my boyfriend is O-, making me the universal receiver and him the universal donor.
This is a follow up to my VBA2C questions a few weeks ago.

storyCollapse )

So, onto the questions.

1. Should everything still hurt after three weeks? If I "do too much" I'm in pain around my incision, even though the incision is healed. This is my third c-section and I don't know if I'm just recovering more slowly (which is what the OB thought)

2. Sometimes I still have surges of bleeding, even though most of the time I'm barely bleeding. (forgot to ask when I was there)

3. Anyone lost their feeling to pee? I don't have incontinence, I just don't realize I have to pee until I'm about to explode and it starts to hurt. The OB said it was probably because of a catheter problem and that eventually it should come back.

ETA: 4. My IV site still hurts. Like, BAD. Just to brush up against it brings tears to my eyes. I had tons of burning medicine go through it, it was right next to where the nurse blew out my other vein the first try, and it hurt the whole time it was in (so much so that I begged them to take it out and redo it in the other arm the following day). I don't think this is normal...?
Hello everyone! I just found out that I'm pregnant with my first baby and I'm super excited!

I'm about 4w5d right now. For the last 3 days, from the time my period should have started actually, I've noticed period like cramps and some very minor watery pinkish brown discharge. The cramps aren't bad, they only last for about 30seconds to maybe a minute tops. And they are sporadic throughout the day. Definitely not constant. And I don't have more than like 10 in the course of a day. I've woken up the past 2 nights from a cramp, but when I turn over it vanishes and I fall right back asleep.
As for the spotting, it's just very light pinkish brown and it's few and far between. I usually only notice it in the morning after using the bathroom for the first time. I might have a few tiny brownish spots on my underwear by the end of the day, but nothing big and definitely not bright red fresh blood.

Should I be concerned? Everywhere I've looked has said spotting is fine and cramping is fine, but if you have both then you should be worried. I have my first appointment scheduled for May 5th, and of course I'll be bringing this up with my doctor then.

Edit: Thanks very much for the replies~ I feel much better now. :)
What are the chances the baby is fine it's just under developed. The Er told me im going to have a miscarriage.
no pictures please
I'm 34w+1. Last night my husband and I sat down in front of the computer to finish filing our taxes, and got hit with a bonus offer to do our wills for One Low Price. Since we've never had one officially done despite our son already being 3 years old, we decided to go for it. It was very thorough and easy, and the only special notation I made was for my son to receive my grandmother's wedding rings. Hubby went to bed before I finished mine, though, and so I got to bed a little late (around 11). I then had the most traumatic pregnant dream I've ever had.

I dreamed that I had to have another c-section and then pretend, for my protection and the baby's, that I had died. I don't know the reason, but it was vitally important. It took place in what felt like a large hotel room. My three-year-old son was there, saying, "Maman, Maman," over and over trying to "wake" me, and it broke my heart to pretend to be dead but I had to. Apart from him, there were no men present, and none of my family. All the medical staff were female (nurses and surgeons, not my midwives), and the other women who were present were some of my coworkers. After someone sent my son and the baby back to my husband (presumably to tell him the bad news), everyone started preparing to move me. The mothers of my coworkers started arriving, and I started to cry, knowing somehow that they were sacrificing a great deal to spirit me out of this... facility. We all got dressed in scrubs and started to head towards an elevator when I noticed some of the younger nurses weren't wearing masks to hide their identities, and we scurried back to the room to escape the video cameras in the halls. More women arrived, and I tried to thank each one, and then I turned around and there was my paternal grandmother, who died when I was 14 (20 years ago).

Apart from her skin being chalk-white and her thin lips painted black, she seemed just as colorful as she'd always been: a bright green wool coat, a shiny handbag, cheesy costume jewellery, the works. What made me start weeping in my dream, though, was the smell: that wonderful, ineffable, grandmotherly combination of perfume, talcum powder, and food that I still miss after 20 years. I looked at her face and I just couldn't believe it was her. Her mouth was smiling but her eyes were sad. I managed to choke out, "Is it really you?" I wanted to hug her so much but I was afraid she'd vanish like a soap bubble. There was a pause, and she said nothing, just kept smiling sadly. Then one of the older mothers around said gently, "No, she's not really here."

I woke up bawling my eyes out. My husband shook me awake because he said I'd been panting (maybe the part where we'd been running back to the room?), and then I stopped breathing. I managed to choke out the whole story, and then I went to check on our son and poke my belly a bit to make sure the baby was okay. Midwife confirmed this morning at our regular appointment that he's head down now and likely to stay that way. *whew*
21st-Apr-2014 08:00 am - spotting
Im 11 weeks pregnant and yesterday I was spotting brown discharge and a little pink blood. Is that normal
Lady of Shalott
I've had an allergy to egg whites since I was born. I am not sure about yolks, but I avoid that as well. Typical reactions include itchy mouth, hives and also anaphylaxis. My throat can get tight, eyes can swell, etc.

Today during Easter dinner, I had a pretty bad reaction given the amount of food I ate. What happened was my boyfriend's cousin made a cake. My boyfriend cut a slice for himself and asked me if I wanted to eat a little bit of the flower decoration, since I knew I couldn't eat the actual cake part. I said ok and took a teeny, tiny bite. About 30 seconds later, the tip of my tongue started feeling itchy. Then my whole mouth and my face. I didn't get hives as far as I knew, but I was itchy around my cheeks and jaw and was scratching.

I asked the cousin if the flowers were made with eggs. She said no, they were made with merengue powder. I told her that merengue is egg whites. I started feeling better 20-30 minutes later, at least.

I'm normally very, very careful with food other people have cooked and almost always ask what is in things, but I've never come across cake decorations made with merengue. Usually it's fondant or regular icing, which I can eat. Plus, his entire family knows I am allergic to eggs and always tell me in advance what does and doesn't have eggs in it.

From what I looked up, skin reactions are ok but anaphylaxis can harm the baby. Has anyone had really bad reactions to things and if so, what did you do about it? I have an OB appointment on Thursday and I am going to tell him what happened and ask him what I can do in case this happens again.
20th-Apr-2014 09:19 pm - First appointment. [first appointment]
When was your first appointment scheduled? Mine will be when I'm 12 weeks along, I'm currently 4w2d. I'm pretty sure I went in WAY earlier than that with my other two children.
20th-Apr-2014 04:07 pm - Induction and Food [food, induction, labor]

So I'm being induced tomorrow night (pitocin drip) if bubs doesn't start to make an appearance on his own. Even though all signs are pointing toward labor (I've started to dilate, am about 70-80% effaced, lost my mucus plug, and also had a little cramping on and off for about a week) I just really think this bugger is comfortable in there and won't come out on his own in time (I'm 40 weeks today!).

At the hospital where I'll be delivering, the procedure is that they call you during your scheduled window of time (for me that will be between 9pm and midnight) when they have a room available because we live less than 15 minutes from the hospital. This hospital delivers an average of something like 30 babies a day, so timing can depend on triage. It could get later than midnight, but I'm at the top of the list for induction so that's good. .

My doctor advised definitely eating during the day, and especially having something right before going to the hospital because I won't be able to have anything once I'm there. So, my primary question is this: What are some good energy rich foods that aren't going to be super heavy that I can eat during the day? Is there something you ate right before or in early labor that was really great for stamina and didn't make you sick? My husband is off of work all next week, so we planned a little date day on Monday before induction time where we are going to see Captain America 2, and probably get lunch or dinner out and then take naps and relax as much as possible (hah! I have a feeling this will not happen as much as it should).

I have allergies to shellfish and soy, but pretty much everything else is fair game.

Additionally, if anyone has any positive induction stories I'd appreciate it. I went back through and read some good ones and searched them out online, but I could always use more positivity! My sister was born via emergency cesarean because of a prolapsed cord after they induced with pitocin and artificially broke my mom's waters, and that memory (despite me being a kid at the time) is hanging over my head right now. I really wanted to go into labor on my own, but I also know that getting him out of there sooner rather than later is going to result in the best possible outcome.

17th-Apr-2014 12:40 am - December DDC?
I'm expecting #3 in late December, is there a community for December yet? I didn't see one listed on the info page.
11th-Apr-2014 02:37 pm - VBAC, meds

Hi ladies! I haven't really been active here since I had my ds 17 months ago, so I apologize if these ?'s have been asked before. My husband and I are ready to start TTC #2, we just have a few roadblocks.

Read more...Collapse )

11th-Apr-2014 01:22 pm - pressure
Im 9 week pregnant and and I'm wondering if it's normal for your cervix to hurt and I cant put much pressure on my pelvis area
11th-Apr-2014 11:14 am - Yeast, BV or ???
Hello everyone,

A bit about me, I am 38 yrs old female trying to conceive. I had a miscarriage back in December, the pregnancy was a surprise and so now we are actually trying. My partner is a 38 yr old male who has 8 children already, he is healthy but does drink a lot of beer, smoke cigarettes and pot.

Because I have PCOS, am a plus sized girl and only get my period because I am on Metformin (at least that's what my doctor is claiming), we are trying a low dose of Seraphim/Clomid.

I did one cycle last month but sadly it did not work, but it did succeed in giving me a yeast infection ... I think. I did not have a cottage cheese like discharge and no abnormal order. But my bits and pieces got swollen, sore and itchy. A friend of mine suggested I do the "dip stick test", which was inserting a finger and swirling it around and check for discharge, and there was a little bit of white discharge. So I went to the pharmacy and they suggested I just use Canasten external cream because it didn't sound like it was internal yet, and that gave me relieve and I felt better the next day.

Fast forward a month and here I am again, sore, slightly swollen and raw with a minor itch - But no discharge again - even with the dip stick test. So I pulled out the cream again, but am wondering if I should use the tablet or just keep using the cream? Or should I go to my dr.?

I did not know Seraphim/Clomid could increase your risk of yeasties but is it possible? I am in the middle of my 10 high fertile days and don't really want to not have sex, but if it's going to hurt what fun is that?

Any suggestions from anyone? Is it yeast? Is it the Seraphim/Clomid? Should I be worried? Go see my dr.?

On a side note, has anyone used Seraphim/Clomid? If so did you have success and how many rounds did it take? With the first pregnancy I took a cycle on days 5-10 and got pregnant right away but miscarried. This I have a different Dr. and she had me take it from days 3-7 and I am on my second round (first one didn't work) ... would the days make a difference?

*Also posted in the VaginPagina community*
2nd-Apr-2014 08:34 am - Short femurs?
Let me preface this by saying that I've had amnio done, so I'm not concerned about chromosomal abnormalities...

I had a growth scan last night (about 32 weeks), and the doctor said the femurs are measuring in the 5th percentile (everything else was around 50th). Since everything was normal during the anatomy scan around 20 weeks, he said it's probably nothing to worry about. I'm just curious if anyone else has measured this way and what the outcome was?
I'm currently 40 + 4 with #3 and a VBA2C patient.

I'm pretty much freaking out at this point. I had my first NST today, which was fine. He's just cozy up in there. My induction (which I found out is going to be a Foley) is scheduled for the evening of April 9th - 10th which will put me at 41 + 5/6.

While I'm very happy/grateful to have a provider willing to let me go so far giving me the best chance to go into spontaneous labor, the longer this drags out the more freaked out I'm getting. I was NOT thrilled to find out that his first method of choice is the foley catheter. I know that I shouldn't really be questioning it because this doctor has the highest VBAC+ rating in the entire state of Texas, but still...ehhh. I was induced with my first and it was so traumatic (at 40 weeks exactly) that induction is anxiety-inducing for me in the first place, much less a method that I'm not very familiar with. I did read up on it, but I wanted a completely natural birth (which I would have achieved with my first had the doctor not intervened unnecessarily. I dilated to 10 with no meds). I'm also worried about the induction failing and me getting another section. I don't think I can do it, not with a 2 year old that climbs me like a monkey STILL at this stage of pregnancy. He's not going to understand a giant painful hole in my body!

I don't even know what I'm looking for here. We've tried all the "tricks" to get him to come out. Nothing. I'm at a 0 station with 80+% effacement as of last week, but with negligible dilation. I didn't have a cervical check today. I felt it wasn't necessary at this point. He's either coming in the next 8 days or he's not. I'm just worried/scared/anxious and just want him to come out already. 
1st-Apr-2014 11:20 am - Due in November?
just a girl and a tree
Are there really no people who are due in November? My son's due date community was super active (4 years ago) and I made great friends, so I'm bummed I can't find more people to join nov2014babies :(
My sister keeps giving me unsolicited advice and it's kind of irriating.
I showed her the sonogram pics because I thought she'd want to see them and be happy for me. First, she said: "oh, you're going to keep it?" and then started telling me that her next door neighbor who is bipolar took medication the entire pregnancy and now has a baby with heart problems.

I explained to her that I asked my doctors what they think and they said it was ok to stay on all but one drug. Then my sister said something about how she quit all her meds during pregnancy like Adderall. Well, I am pretty sure that a medication like Adderall is a lot different than something like a beta blocker or a mood stabilizer.

After that, she proceeded to tell me that babies are a lot of work (no, really?), how she got no help from her boyfriend for quite a few months, and so on.

And sure, while my boyfriend wasn't happy about the baby at first, he's being more supportive and I am sure he'll be a great dad. He has a full time, good paying job and we are on track to buy a house before the baby is born. I don't undersand what the problem is exactly, but I am guessing it's my sister projecting onto me.

Hey pregnant,

So I'm 36 weeks + 4 days. On Tuesday we went on a tour of the hospital where we are delivering. It was about an hour long or so with a lot of standing and walking, much more than I've been doing all at once lately. My back was really hurting by the end. I went to go get a water from the gift shop and I suddenly felt sharp shooting and burning pains on the outside of my left thigh. I noticed that my left upper thigh was also numb and I definitely had a pins and needles feeling. After sitting down and drinking some water it began to go away. I also felt baby shift slightly after I finished the water and that seemed to relieve a little of the residual pain.

Just now I was standing up hanging and putting clean clothes away and the same thing happened. It was pretty painful and uncomfortable, to the point where I verbally cried out. I laid down on the couch and put my feet up (which were also swollen after a long day) and drank some apple juice which seemed to help. I have an OB appointment on Friday in the late afternoon, but this is definitely a new symptom. Has anyone had anything like this before? Is it just baby sitting on a nerve or something? Is there something I can do to alleviate the pain? I've been going to pre-natal yoga, so I'm wondering if this is a nerve thing if some gentle stretches or positions to get baby off the nerve might help.

Also, is this something I need to call about now? Or can I wait until Friday to mention it to my OB?

Thanks all.

26th-Mar-2014 07:24 pm(no subject)
im between 8 and 9 weeks pregnant 4 weeks ago i had light pink discharge that lasted 4 days and the same today im worried that something is wrong, iv been nausious, dizzy, constipated, had cramps, swollen tummy, really exhausted etc can someone please help
20th-Mar-2014 01:32 pm - Mature placenta, odd kidney
I fell two days ago and went in for bleeding (turns out it was from a cervical exam, nothing to do with the baby) but they admitted me anyway and I was under observation for 24 hours. I had an in depth ultrasound (that showed I was 37 + 5, even though I'm 1000% sure I'm on target because I was charting when I got pregnant) and I'm 39 weeks today.

They said that my placenta was mature. I was in a lot of pain at the time and super tired and didn't ask what it meant. I'm just curious. The baby also has a sickle shaped kidney that was a little large. None of this was discussed with me, just observations I made and put in the back of my mind. Otherwise, he's just cozy up in there and I'm not holding out hope he's coming till around 40 weeks or more.

Nothing was wrong, I just got holed up in the hospital for a day for the observation and was sent home with instructions to stop stepping over baby gates and tripping.

39 weeks, 3rd pregnancy
13th-Mar-2014 04:09 pm(no subject)
Hi all!

Recently pregnant with #3. By my estimation we'll be 5 weeks tomorrow. My question is to any other out there that have 3+ - did you feel pregnant more quickly? Not in terms of symptoms, but actually physical feeling. I swear I feel pressure low in my belly, like just above my pubic bone, when I sit curled up on the couch. I don't remember being able to feel anything like that until later with my other pregnancies, but of course the memories fade somewhat.

Any other third time mamas out there?
11th-Mar-2014 09:49 pm - Glucose Test [glucose testing]
It's 9:45pm. At 7:30am, I start drinking the delicious juice for the glucose screening. I had one test earlier on in the pregnancy because my doctor wanted to do one early one because of my weight. He wants to repeat it now just in case, so tomorrow's the day. The first time they didn't tell me anything about changing what I eat. This time, she said some stuff but I forgot. I suppose I need to write this stuff down. I'm starving; can I eat a bowl of regular cereal? I had dinner early but I think thinking about not eating breakfast is making me go crazy atm. Sigh.

The one thing I hate about anything during pregnancy is the being told I can't eat. Labor with my son was terrible mainly because of the fact I was so hungry. I swear I don't typically overeat, but after his birth they tried to get away with giving me only crackers until the morning. I demanded pizza. And ate an entire large pizza on my own.

So, anyway, thanks for listening to me complain and... tell me the cereal won't hurt anything? =)
24th-Feb-2014 05:33 pm - weight gain clarification [weight]
no pictures please
Hi ladies. I had an argument with my mother the other day about how much weight I'd actually gained during this pregnancy and my last. My last pregnancy I started off at 129 lbs, dropped to 120 from nausea/food aversions, and then delivered at 152. I've always been telling people that I gained 23 lbs (i.e. 152-129), but my mother says that's wrong, I gained 32 lbs (152-120). I maintain that because I was catching up to my pre-pregnancy weight it doesn't count.

The topic came up when I mentioned that I went for my GTT at 24 weeks this time around instead of 28 like last time, and she wondered if it was because I'd already gained 11 lbs by that point (I'm 26 weeks today). I said, "No, I've finally just passed my pre-pregnancy weight this time." This time I started off at 140, dropped to 131 from food aversions and a nasty bout of food poisoning at 12 weeks, and today I'm 143.

So who's right? Have I gained 3 pounds or 12? did I gain 23 pounds or 32?
19th-Feb-2014 08:53 am - Dizzy at 6 weeks

Did anyone feel really dizzy/lightheaded early in pregnancy? What helped you feel better? I have a lot to do today with a toddler in toe but I can barely get up off the couch :(


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no pictures please

Hi ladies. Anyone know of any exercises/movements one can do to ease round ligament pain? It's worst for me in the mornings, though I can get it any time of day; I can barely sit in a chair or bend over. Fully upright or lying down is the only thing really comfortable for me, the latter of which is not really feasible with a 3-year-old around.

12th-Feb-2014 10:59 am - Mucus plug at 6+3?
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Hi there,

I'm 6 weeks 3 days today, and when I wiped after peeing this morning, there was a clump of what I can only assume is the same material mucus plugs are made of on the tp. About the size of a thumbnail. It was way thicker and more gelatinous than any other discharge I've ever had.

I can't seem to find anything official online, just messageboards of people asking similar questions. From what I can gather (if those replies are correct), it could just be some leftover from my mucus plug forming?

Should I be concerned? Did this happen to anyone else? I had a miscarriage the cycle before this pregnancy, so I'm a bit on edge!
I took the liberty of creating a community for those due in or around October. I hope there are enough of us to form a community. Please feel free to come over and join!

I need to be calmed. I just got back from the doctor and so while I'm not looking for medical opinions, I would like to some anecdotes; does anyone else have experience with this?

At the 20 week anomaly scan, our baby was measuring small. Everything else looked fine except they wanted to see a better shot of the spine and couldn't find the kidneys yet(fluid was fine, though). Well, I went back today so they could check all of that out. We got a better look at the spine and found the kidneys. However, she's still measuring extremely small. She's gained since last time at a "good pace" but she's in the 2ND percentile! I'm supposed to be 24 weeks. They questioned the dates for a while but the doctor said that the due date was based on the first ultrasound which is more accurate. He doesn't want to change the due date but just wants to keep making sure she's still gaining weight by more ultrasounds. My son was 8 lbs 9 oz when he was born and since then has always been bigger. I'm not sure how to handle this. The doctor says everything else looks normal but this is really bothering me. Could there be something wrong? Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else had this happen?

Also... there was a difference when the tech was measuring her head v. her legs and things like that. She didn't point this out to me but I was noticing it on the screen. Her head was showing up 23 weeks and legs were like 21 weeks. What's up with that?
6th-Feb-2014 01:47 pm - Hunger [weight]
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I'm 20w1d and the past two days I have been starving, which gives me a lot of anxiety, because...

I've got a BMI of 39 and was losing weight at a good pace before becoming pregnant. This is my second child and with my first I did gain 15 lbs during pregnancy, all of which were gone the day after delivery, and I do remember having a lot of stress about how much to eat and whether I was eating too much. Both times, my midwives told me that my goal should be to "gain no weight" at all during pregnancy, which is why I was very stressed about that 15lbs last time.

At 20w1d I have gained 1.5 pounds total, which I think is pretty good, but I've done that by tracking everything I'm eating and keeping my exercise up. I don't think I'm limiting my calories, as I allow myself 2900 calories a day, and extra on days I exercise. And I've been feeling great.

But yesterday and today I have had this hunger I simply cannot stop. It doesn't matter what foods I choose or how often I eat or how much I eat, I am still hungry. Granted, this is only the second day, but yesterday I did not exercise and I ate 3300 calories. I thought "hey it's one day and I am hungry so maybe the baby needs this."

But now that it's day two I am getting worried that I am eating too much or inappropriately interpreting signals as hunger that aren't really hunger. I've upped my water, which only gave me heartburn to add to my hunger.

I know hunger and pregnancy are normal and this is a time when the baby is growing quickly, but my question is, is it okay to, as an obese person, give into the hunger? To what degree should I eat to fill the hunger, and to what degree should I say "the baby is healthy I don't need this second lunch, even if I am starving"? Everything on-line about obesity and weight in pregnancy talks about limiting calories and reducing weight gain, which sends me the message that this is what I should be doing, ignoring the hunger and limiting calories. But I'm seriously hungry to the point of pain/nausea.
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