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Or Maybe Midgets
Well, our surprise baby decided to surprise us.

Our baby got here just about 3 weeks early.
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Dino Shoop
Very exciting week as Emmaline was born April 16th!
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I'm pretty sure that its OK to post this here, even though this birth story isn't my own birth, its a birth I was a doula at.

It's an open adoption, the birth mom is 15. I asked for teen birth stories from you guys a few weeks ago so I figured the least I could do is let you all know how it went.

*Everything posted with lots and lots of permission!*
Tristen Avery Green has arrived!!!  and my story is a little bit late...

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I gave a quick update shortly after my son was born, but here is the official birth story!

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I've only posted here a few times, but I figured I'd share my not-so-interesting birth story anyway, since I enjoyed going through the memories and reading everyone else's (:

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BTVS » BUFFY | unimpressed
This is my first child. I was due on February 5th and my due date was based on a 6-week ultrasound, which is supposedly accurate within 3 days. I was hardly dilated 1 centimeter at my 40-week checkup, so I was scheduled for an induction two days later.

Noah Samuel was born Thursday, February 9th. He weighed 7lbs 8ozs and measured 19.5 inches long. I transcribed this post from my blog, so it's pretty long.

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We welcomed our son into the world at 1:52am on September 10th. He weighed 7lbs 13oz, was 21 inches long and had a head circumference of 13 inches. We haven't decided on a name yet.

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Also, my son falls asleep at the breast... which is great, except when he's only been feeding for a minute or two and hasn't had a full meal in three hours and Momma's breasts are engorged. I already tickle him and rub his back/head and talk to him... Is there anything else I can do to keep him awake? He's fallen asleep after a minute or two three times in a row now and is currently sacked right out on Daddy's chest. HALP! (This is not the first time he's done it, but usually he is hungry enough by this long that he stays awake to feed... *worries worries*)
ETA2: We weighed my son yesterday (woo first doctor's appointment!) and he weighs more than his birth weight already (at six days old). Given that he's gaining ... um... amazingly... my doctor isn't worried about his long stints of sleeping.

ETA: If I could give one piece of advice to a pregnant woman it would be to have a doctor that you trust. When everything started to get really stressful and all of the decisions needed to be made (urgently, too) it was wonderful to just be able to nod and agree with what my doctor thought needed to happen.
My baby was born Monday.  Spontaneous rupture of membranes.  Labor augmented by pitocin.  No epidural. Read moreCollapse )
My husband and my daughter are asleep on the couch so I have time to write up a quick birth story (I am not good at these).
For two weeks I had been in and out of L&D triage for high blood pressures and trace proteins in my urine, after my BP was 165/104 I decided I would consent to an induction before i ended up with pre-e or full blown eclampsia. We tried stripping of membranes, castor oil, walking, sex, etc. before scheduling the medical induction. I was in very early labor for 5 days so thankfully my bishop score was between 8 and 10 when I went in. They inserted a Foley balloon catheter to help dilate my cervix up to 3cm (I was at 2cm, 80% effaced when I went in and my hospital does not use prostaglandins on VBAC moms) and started a slow pit drip, this was at 10am. I was at a 4cm and Brogan was at 0 station after 7 hours so we broke my water (which I think was already leaking anyway) and there was merconium in the fluid. They told me not to worry and she was fine and they expect it as I was 41w2d because I was completely panicking. They reminded me it was sterile and as long as they suctioned her out as her head emerged she would almost positively be fine so I felt better. They then attached an internal fetal monitor and inserted the contraction monitor because the tummy ones weren't picking up much and they constantly had to come in and that involved me be stuck in select positions. I had more freedom with the internals because no matter how I moved everything was reading fine! That however is when my contractions went from manageable to right on top of each other and plateauing. I have Multiple Sclerosis so the nerve damage done to my legs was making it even harder to deal because my muscles were pulling and contorting with every contraction so I decided it would be best to get an epidural even though I didn't want one and I am terrified of needles but at that point I really didn't have a choice. My husband also informed me the muscle in my back was balling up during contractions to the size of a softball on my tailbone. I got to nap for an hour and then the epidural COMPLETELY wore off. They called to have the epidural increased but the anesthesiologists were all on traumas! About 20 minutes later they checked me and I was 100% effaced and 9cm. Within about 30 seconds I had the urge to push so she checked me again and indeed I was ready to go. Just as I started pushing he walked in, apologized and increased my epidural, the nurse put the squat bar on the bed and tied a sheet around it (I asked for it) and I started pushing after my doctor told me my baby was posterior and I told her I changed my mind and she basically said tough luck (I was paranoid about posterior as I was when I was born and I was born blue). So I pushed as hard as I could and Brogan started quickly descending and corkscrewing her way down but then decided half way down, that screw it, she had done enough and she was coming out with her head transverse. :) After 45 minutes of pushing Brogan was born, covered in blood and poop and placed on my chest. I looked at my nurses and my doctor and told them they were insane for doing this for a living and having kids anyway. They laughed at me. Then I delivered my placenta and gave her to my husband because I was bleeding and I had 3 people massaging my (now bruised) belly vigorously. They got the bleeding down and then started repairing my second degree tear (which actually ended up being a V shaped flap!!) while I nursed my baby and called my mom to bring my 6 year old up to see his new sister.
While I am sad I couldn't do it without drugs (and I had a hard time dealing with it when I had it done) I don't know how else I would have dealt with the contractions and my MS symptoms effectively but the end justified the means and most importantly for ME I had the VBAC I desperately wanted.
shannon and allison
Thanks to this community for all the support/advice through my pregnancy!

I gave birth to Sadie on April 19, at 8:23pm. She weighed in at 8lbs, 2 oz and is 21 inches long.

Unfortunately, I did not have the crunchy-granola home birth I'd been dreaming about since I was a teenager. I am however so so so grateful that I planned it, and that I had midwives...I have no doubt that things would have been worse without my AMAZING midwives.

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ok, finally got some actual sleep this morning so now i can type this out lol putting two LJ cuts for anybody who wants to skip the story and just see crappy phone pics of the baby lol

andrew roland james
4/5/11 (39w2d) 2:19am
8lbs 8oz, 20.5 inches long

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cross-posting to april2011babies
I was due on the 18th but Ava wanted to stay where she was. This worked out well because on the 19th my mom flew into town to help me out.

I was induced at noon on the 21st. I have no issue with being induced. Yes, I know the risks. However, I also know it's not terribly common for a woman who was induced to need an emergency c-section because of complications so I wasn't worried. My other two kids had to be induced and they came out just fine. A bit on the insane side but that runs in the family.

Pitocin is, however, an absolute bitch. Epidurals are wonderful, and the guy that did mine? LOVE HIM SO. I did not feel a thing and this made me a bit loopy, not going to lie.

Once my legs were dead, I decided to test how dead they were and slapped one of them as hard as I could.

This horrified and amused my husband and he asked if I felt that. Quite gleefully, I said no before dissolving into giggles.

Yeah, I'm a bit nuts.

So, we just chilled in the labor and delivery room. I watched TV. Matt played on the iTouch and then the nurse came in just to check me and hey! There was a baby ready to be introduced to the world. I didn't even feel it. She was coming out on her own with each contraction which I thought was neat and how it should be. They got my doctor at 4:30 PM, I started pushing at lets say 4:35 and at 4:36, Avangeline Rose T. was dropped onto my chest, screaming and wailing her pudgy little head off.

As for her weight? Seven pounds, four ounces. Two ounces more than her big sister, about a pound and seven ounces less than her big brother. She is definitely a peanut and she's beautiful and I love her to pieces.

Maggie loves her dearly and keeps trying to be little mother. Sean isn't sure what to make of her. I think he feels replaced and I'm going to rectify that soon by doing something fun just him and I.

She's here and I can see my feet and I couldn't be happier.

With the fact that she's here, I mean. Though the feet thing is also great.

I'd add pictures but I've yet to download anything from my camera. I've been mildly afraid of the computer chair the past week and my husband doesn't know how to do it without losing everything.

Avangeline Rose T.
Born February 21st at 4:36 PM
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 7 pounds 4 ounces.
Elliott James Synnott
Born 7/1/2011 at 9:10pm
8lbs 15oz (4.060 kg)
53cm long

Follow the cut for my long winded (sorry lol) birth story and pics :)

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Thankyou to all in this community who gave me help/advice! I really found it a huge comfort to be able to come here and get so many opinions and experiences. Even though I'm no longer pregnant I'll definitely stick around to offer my own experiences where applicable! I feel like I owe it to the community now lol.

Also, I'm keen for some new mummy friends as I dont know anyone who has a baby in real life.. so if you'd like to add me please feel free! just comment so that I know and can add you back :) :).
I can finally post this.... and I have to say thank you to everyone here at pregnant!!! Reading others questions, posting mine, and getting help really helped a lot in getting through this pregnancy. So Thank you... and here goes...

Olivia Renae
January 3, 2011
8lbs and 21 1/4 inches

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Birth storyCollapse )After the birthCollapse )

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Wow that was long! Anyway, TL:DR -
4.00am Friday waters broke, hospital sent me home to wait for contractions
3.00pm Friday contractions strong enough to go to hospital
7.00pm Friday started labouring properly in birthing pool
Early Saturday morning had fore waters broken artificially
About 10.00am? Saturday morning, after two hours pushing, was taken to surgery for spinal and forceps delivery

Molly Elizabeth Rose was born at 10.43am on Saturday 30th October, weighing 7lb 8 1/2oz.

Photos back at this post:
canadian maggie
Now that my computer is finally working, I can let you all know that our daughter was born!

Charlotte Anne was born October 14 at 9:49am. She was 7lbs 2oz and 21.3 inches long. Apgar scores were 9, 9, and 10.

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Labour went beautifully. I was really pleased and a bit surprised at how well I handled it. Contractions just felt like bad gas pains and I was able to breathe through them really well. Delivery was difficult and I pushed for almost 5 hours before she had to be extracted with the vacuum. I also ended up getting an episiotomy because I was swelling so badly that the OB wanted to prevent a fourth-degree tear (or something to that effect - once he put on his scrubs and brought out the vacuum, everything kind of becomes a big blur).

For a slightly more detailed birth story, feel free to check out my blog: I'm too tired to type it all out again ;)

We're having a bit of breastfeeding difficulties but the lactation consultant has been here twice now and things are beginning to fall into place.

Thanks for all the help and support over the last few months! Good luck to everyone with the rest of your pregnancies :)

Arianna Grace: 
Born 9/27/10- 3:05pm; 6lbs 5oz, 18.5inches.

Well, it turns out that my instincts were right and I was indeed in labor. At my last appointment with the OB on Thursday he told me I was already nearly 3cm dilated and he would probably send me to hospital if I progressed anymore. To be honest, even before the appointment, I could tell things were really nearing. I was feeling more and more tightening feelings and I was almost certain she had dropped pretty low. I was feeling more pressure in places I hadn't felt before and I could just tell things were WAY different then they had been. So, when I went to the appointment on Thursday, I told my doctor all this. I didn't expect much of anything when he checked me, to be honest. And although I didn't feel the need to be induced or anything, I was actually quite happy with my doctor telling me he was willing to send me to the hospital soon. I was honestly getting quite ready for everything to just come to a beautiful end. So, in any case... after that appointment on Thursday things progressed further than I expected.

Long Birth Story... You have been warned. Collapse )So in the end I got my natural childbirth I was hoping for (although near the end, I thought I would probably be giving in instead). And I was able to have a completely wonderful experience throughout the laboring process. I am in total bliss with the whole experience. Pics to come soon once I can get more pics from my mama.

RDJ tophat
Pepper June Hobbs
Born 9/10/10 @ 4:09pm
7lbs 15oz, 20inches long
Apgar 8 & 9
13 hours unmedicated labor/3 hours with epidural

I just wrote my entire birth story, and LOST IT!! I should know better than to type in here :( Basically, labor was REALLY hard. I was induced. I labored for 13 hours and got to a 6.5. I lost my ability to cope, and asked for a light epidural. I went straight to a 10 in 3 hours. I pushed for 15 minutes (they called me a poster child for pushing!) with my epidural having worn slightly off.

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Well, it was real labor! My daughter was born yesterday, at 9:56am. We're still finalizing her name, so no name yet.

I wrote up the birth story last night so I wouldn't forget any of the details. Warning: it's LONG.

The lead-up.Collapse )

Early labor?Collapse )

Active labor!Collapse )

Epidural fun!Collapse )

Time to push!Collapse )

The grand finaleCollapse )

Thank you to all of you for your help, support, wisdom, knowledge, patience and shared experiences throughout the last nine months. It has meant the world to me to know that I could come here and get your help and guidance throughout all the different parts of the crazy, wonderful, weird, insane, miraculous experience that has been pregnancy.

It occurred to me today that I never posted a birth story when my daughter was born. I was a member of this community throughout my first pregnancy and I am now back for my second pregnancy.

I know that this is way beyond overdue, as my daughter is almost 11 months now. But I was reading everyone else's birth stories and I always wanted to share mine, I just never got around to it. So, here goes nothing,...

Aida Samantha Jane Rodriguez
October 10, 2009

3:34 P.M.
8lbs 11oz
21 inches

Aida's Birth Story & 2 PicturesCollapse )

On Sunday August 8th 2010 at 9:44pm Serenity Amélie Albert was born. She was 38 weeks gestation and weighed 5lbs 9oz. I was induced,due to high blood pressure and because it looked like it was affecting her growth as well.

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Pics and Birth StoryCollapse )


Cross posted to August_2010 and my jounal
Dino Shoop

Isabella Kathryn was born July 21st at 10:10 p.m.  She weighed  6 lbs 14 oz and was 19.5 inches long. I was originally due August 2nd, but she decided she was done I guess!

Izzy's Birth StoryCollapse )

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i make things
Hey there everyone! I'm excited to say that Delilah Pepper R. was born 11:03am on July 4th. She was 8lb 7oz and 18 1/2" long. I was due the 6th, so things were pretty close to when we expected.
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Ostrich hat
Lily Elizabeth has arrived!

She made her entrance Saturday, June 26, at 5:43 a.m., (41 weeks, 4 days) 7 pounds, 9 ounces, 20.5 inches. Full head of hair.

Lots of text, but a photo firstCollapse )

tl;dr: Nothing went according to plan, but we got a beautiful daughter out of it.

Cross-posted to june2010babies and my personal journal.
Emily Maria Venegas
April 7, 2010 at 6 lbs, 13 oz, 19 inches at 6:53 PM

I've been meaning to post, but I didn't realize my computer time would go from hours to mere seconds so fast, lol. Somehow my little one knows when I'm about to get on and decides that's when naptime is over.

Before anything, I had decided a natural delivery with little intervention as possible (no painkillers, no inducing, etc..). Well, everything went according to plan B, which went better than expected. And I don’t say any of this to make anyone scared or what not, since everyone has a different experience.

I typed my birth story up, but it was SUPER long, so here's the condensed version: I ended up being induced April 6, due to my doctor's concern that I was 1 cm dilated at 41 weeks (and had been for two weeks). So pitocin was used at 6 PM. Cervadil was used later that night to soften the cervix, and I got horrible back labor pains. After discussing things with a nurse, I got an epidural, which felt like thumb tacks being shoved into my back. I had my water broken midday, about, and was moved from my right side to my left until it was time to give birth. After an hour of pushing my daughter was born, healthy.

[Edit] For the full version, for those interested here it is:

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Baby was born on Tuesday morning, after less than 7 hours from the time I felt my first contractions to when she was plopped on my chest!

Name: Quinn Adelaide Corcoran
Weight: 6 pounds, 12 ounces
Length: 20 inches
Date & Time: June 8th, 2010 - 8:43am

Birth story under cutCollapse )

Sorry, no pictures quite yet, but I'm working on having them up tomorrow!
My second son was born last Friday, 5/28, after an induction at 38 weeks gestation. Due to lots of complications (hyperemersis gravidarum, gestational diabetes) my OB didn't feel safe waiting any longer.
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I posted that I had my baby (and thank you all for all the kind comments! I've been pretty tied up with the lil one so it was hard to comment on all them individually but I've read them and they mean a lot to me :o) but I'm finally posting my birth story. Finally had a free two handed typing moment hehe.

The baby is sleeping in her swing, the pups are sleeping at my feet and next to me, and I finally have a chance to type with both hands. So, I figured I'd put together a quick account of Adina's birth :o)

The day my world changed forever came a bit earlier than expected. I woke up Thursday, May 20th, with the normal intense need to pee (those who are pregnant or have been will understand this, and how it gets more and more intense the further along you are haha) however, after I peed, the feeling was still there and what was a dull ache in my back turned into full blown intense back pain. I called my mom, asking if that was normal, or if that sounded like how back labor started for her. She couldn't remember hehe, but said it sounded like something was happening. So, I called my doctor and he wanted me to come in to be checked. My mom took off from work since by this point I was miserable, and I wanted Morgan to work incase it was nothing.

I get to the Dr. and he basically said I didn't progress much since my last visit, so it was just the baby dropping into place, but that I wasn't in labor. I wanted to kick that doctor. I know my body and it didn't feel like the baby just dropping into place and pressure from that. If that was the case, how long would I feel like that? I was upset and scared that I might feel like that for awhile. (it was bad, nothing I did made the pain go away, closest thing was my mom rubbing my back with a tennis ball..I was even throwing up at one point.) I forced myself to sit down on the couch and focus on my contractions, and by 1 i noticed they were coming closer together and were pretty intense. I kept track of them till 3, by which point they were every 5 minutes and lasting at least a minute for each one. I called the doctors office back (they advised to call back later if I was still in pain, which I was, and now contracting.) They advised me to head to labor and delivery.

I get there and another dr in my practice is there (you rotate doctors because they don't know who will be on call when you're in labor, so I was familiar with all the obgyns :) ) and he wheeled me up to L&D himself. All the nurses were shocked haha. I get checked, and I was progressing. My doctor broke my water because while I was progressing, it was taking awhile, and I needed a little help. They also gave me a very small dose of pitocin to get my contractions more consistent in intensity to get my body to continue to progress.

Eventually, I decide to get the epidural before the contractions got REALLY intense and closer together (since you have to sit still for the epi...) so Mom, Morgan and Uncle Mark who paid a qnice visit left the room. It took 3 tries to get it. For someone who is DEATHLY afraid of needles, that wasn't fun, but the effect was worth it. The catheter was clogged so the first two tries they coudln't get the medicine in, finally the 3rd time was a charm. The numbing needles burned a bit, and the first epi wasn't the most comfortable thing (you felt a weird pressure with it, slightly painful but not too bad...just weird and not comfy...) but it definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and I was very happy I got it.

Next time I got checked, I progressed to 3.5 cm, but the dr was able to tell that the baby was heads up instead of down, aka sunnyside up. This would make delivery much harder and it could be worse for the baby and she could get stuck too. So, she manually tried to turn the baby. Adina's heart rate dropped big time when she did this. I was so scared because Morgan was at home taking care of the pups before getting to the hospital, and I was worried I'd have to go in for an emergency C-section and he wouldn't be there. However, after having me lay on my side and giving me oxygen, her heart rate when back to normal. Thank God! Morgan got there, and Morgan, Mom and I just "hung out" the best we could for the next hour. By my next check, I was already at 8! The epi helped relax me and Adina was ready, she wanted to come! Only took maybe not even another hour to get to fully dilated. The epi helped with the pain of contractions but I still felt an intense pressure during each one. It wasn't pleasant, but it was helpful because it let me know when to push when the time came. It felt like I had to go to the bathroom, really really bad. Adina's heart rate started to drop and not come up during contractions, and once I started pushing I believe it continued to stay that way. The dr. suspected her cord was wrapped around her neck so I was instructed to push as hard as I could for as long as possible, past 10 if possible. I had to get the baby out. My dr. did a great job of staying cool and trying to keep me keep my cool but I could tell something wasn't right so I pushed with all my might to get my little girl out. I didn't want an emergency c-section. From start to finish pushing, I got her out in under 16 minutes. When she came out the cord was wrapped *tight* around her neck. Dr. Patel did an awesome job though, got it off quickly and then my baby was whisked away to be checked and cleaned up. I wish I got to hold her immediately but I think because of the cord issues they needed to make sure she was ok. Because I had to get her out so quickly, my body didn't have a chance to fully prepare for birthing her, so I dd have to have an episiotomy. Thank god for the epidural at that point :) So while the doctor took care of me, Adina was checked over and cleaned up. She was absolutely perfect. 6lbs, 13 oz and 19.5 inches of pure heaven. I finally got to hold my little girl and my whole world changed forever and became so much more beautiful and meaningful in that one split second. Morgan and I were no longer just a married couple, we were a true family. We couldn't have been happier!

The days after in the hospital I definitely was uncomfortable and hurting, but I'd do it a million times over again just to get her. At this point, a week and a day later, I'm already forgetting parts of how I felt. Mom was right! It wasn't a fun week physically wise, but every day you feel a little better. I'm still sore, and still not able to do much that I want to, but I'm definitely feeling much much better.

It's all so surreal, having this beautiful new life in our home and knowing that we created her, and she's *ours*. She's just so wonderful and awe inspiring and beautiful! I can't get over how much love we have for such a lil squishy thing :o) The pups have adjusted well with her (were a little rambuncious that first night but they've settled into the lil Mamma mode for Mercy and the Protector mode for Christian, and they love her too....) Words really fail me when I try to express the feeling that come with finally being a mamma and a family. She makes me so incredibly happy. I don't know what I did in life to deserve such a wonderful gift now, but I sure am a lucky woman. I have the most amazing husband, and now the most amazing baby. I love watching Morgan with the baby, he's the best Daddy ever, and it's so neat to see her respond to him and his voice.

Life is good. Fantastic husband, sweet precious daughter, wonderful family... I am so blessed! :oD

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Finally managed to finished writing down my birth story, almost a month after the fact. In short, early labour went very quickly. So quickly that I was afraid we wouldn't make it to the hospital. So quickly that I didn't have time for any pain relief medication at all (which was just as well since I wanted a drug-free birth). And then once we got there I ended up pushing for 3 hours. Yikes.

Baby Thomas was born at 37w 5d, on April 14th, weighing 6lb 12oz.

Cut for lengthCollapse )
Jayden Prince Martinez
Seven pounds & seven ounces. Twenty and a half inches long.
Born 5:34 am on April 3rd 2010.

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