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illustmaker thingy
I'm 24w5d with our first, and for the past 3 days or so I've been having some unusual abdominal muscle pain and burning below the sternum. Up to this point, I'd been expanding nice and gradually; suddenly I feel like a rapidly inflating balloon, and my muscles feel like they can't stretch as quickly as my insides want them to. I've palpated for diastasis recti and haven't noticed any separation, but it literally feels like I'm ripping apart at the seams. I've been massaging to try to keep the connective tissue malleable, watching my posture and trying to be aware of any twisting or flexing movements. I see my OB in 2 weeks and my midwife in 3, so as long as this doesn't worsen I'm just planning on mentioning it then. Does this sound familiar? Any tips on mitigating the pain or damage at this stage, or is this just one of those pregnancy symptoms you just acknowledge and power through? Thanks for any input!
Baby #2
There's no tag for umbilical hernias, and I searched a bit and found a few posts where they're mentioned in passingbut not addressed directly, so I'm here to ask. I'm 13 weeks and found out I have an umbilical hernia when I was a little over 11 weeks. I saw a midwife, my pcp and a surgeon over the course of two days to diagnose, and see my OB on January 13, so I will ask him more about it then. I've been told at this point to try to take it easy, not lift things if I can help it (which is challenging as I have a 2 1/2 year old son and I work in the events department at my organization and am in charge of all packing and shipping of our AV.) The surgeon showed me how to push it back in (which is kind of gross :/) and told me to lie on my back with my legs up as much as possible, and to wear a support band, which I'm not sure I'm doing right.

So basically I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had one of these, and can give me any tips and/or words of encouragement. I'm feeling nervous and apprehensive about the rest of this pregnancy and how I'll manage this as I get bigger. Has anyone gone on bedrest because of one? I had a c-section with my son (which they think is part of the reason I'm having this issue now) but am a good candidate for and am hoping to have a vbac, but I'm not sure if that's less likely now. I had two miscarriages after my son, so I admit I'm more nervous about this pregnancy in general, but adding this complication has me feeling overwhelmed. Thanks in advance for any help or words of wisdom!
Let me just preface by apologizing if I sound goes without saying that it's all worth it, but I do care what I look like.  Also, not sure where else to ask this so hopefully there are some others here who know.

I'm about 5 months post partum with my second.  I had a diastis recti and my muscles are pretty much back to normal spacing now.  I still have a bit of a bulge but I'm being religious about doing these abdominal breathing excersizes to try and stregthen my transverse abdominal muscles to help make my stomach lie flat again.  It's helping a bit but it seems slow going.  It's definitely a lot better this month then it was previously though. 

With my first pregnancy I got big (gained about 50lbs or so) all in my belly and I did the same with this pregnancy.  But after my first I was back to normal without any exercise quite quickly and ended up below my pre pregnancy weight by this time or soon after.  This time I've lost all the weight already and am back at pre-pregnancy weight.  I actually have been for the last 3 months, but my stomach is in no way normal yet.

Does anyone have any recommendations for more exercises I can do to help tighten my stomach muscles to get the bulge to lie flat or flater? 

Also, I didn't get any stretch marks with my first.  But by the end of this pregnancy I had a few very faint white lines.  They weren't really stretch marks but little horizontal white lines where you could tell my skin was stretching but they weren't a typical "stretch mark" as in purple or red lines or streaks.  These striations that I had have pretty much disappeared but my belly is wrinkled!  My midwife said that the wrinkles should go away with time just like the linea negra will by my skins natural process of shedding.  My linea negra is almost gone but there is still a hint of it.  But the wrinkles seem a little more stubborn.  Is there a chance that these just won't ever bounce back and I'm just going to have to learn to live with the wrinkles?  Anyone else have this? Any ideas besides surgury on how to help improve it?

Thanks for any ideas, advice, or commisseration.
second baby!
What do you mamas with older kids do about picking them up while you are pregnant? I'm about 13W along and starting to show. My 3YO is not very heavy -- about 30 pounds, but it's getting to the point where I hesitate to pick him up and carry him places. I have abdominal muscle separation from my last pregnancy, and it hasn't started affecting my strength yet (I only "popped" in the last week or so), but as I get bigger it will become much more of a strain to pick him up and carry him around. I've stopped hauling him around while he's awake (which makes it SO EASY to get him to leave a place where he's having fun), but what do I do about times he falls asleep in the car, or something even more strenuous such as lifting him into a shopping cart. Not to mention, once I get bigger, I won't be able to hold him anyway because my belly will be in the way.

I've already explained that I can only hug and cuddle him while sitting down, and he's okay with that, but sometimes the lifting and carrying is unavoidable. When will I know that it's time to stop, and how do I handle it at that point?
avatar, lin
I have an appointment with my midwife on Thursday, and I plan to have her check it out then, but I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

I am 21 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and my body didn't have much time to recover between pregnancies because I accidentally got pregnant again when my son was about 4 months old.

I have noticed there is a large gap between my abdominal muscles, and it seems to be getting worse. A few weeks ago, I noticed the gap below my bellybutton, but I couldn't really feel a gap above my bellybutton. Now it has gone all the way up and it feels like it is getting wider. Even more worrying is the fact that my bellybutton has already popped and I swear I can feel something squishy behind it. I'm worried I might have a hernia.

It is getting hard for me to sit up when I've been laying on my back, and it is also hard for me to bend down to pick up my son (He is 9 months old and very big for his age).

I know there isn't anything that can be done until after my daughter is born, but are there any extra precautions I should take for the next couple days until I can see my midwife?
I'm 13 weeks on Wednesday, and this morning I had my booking appointment.

While checking my belly out, my midwife noticed that my abs are already quite seperated (She showed me and there is more than an inch difference between the left and right side!). She says that as my abdominal muscles seem very strong there isn't much risk, but there is a risk of strain on the systems if this is not managed. So, I've been given an exercise that is meant to strengthen them together (and I have to be careful how I situp from laying down, apparently that motion drives the muscles apart!) to help.

Has anyone else had a problem with this? TIA!
madelitty, yvie, grunge
I don't know where else to ask this and I guess it makes sense to ask here.

I'm six months postpartum and ever since my daughter was born something didn't feel right about my abdomen to me.  Today while I was showering I was leaning back and noticed a huge bulge in the middle of my abdomen between where my abs should be, as if an organ was protruding.  It's really gross looking, like a hernia or something.   I'm positive it was caused by my pregnancy. 

Any idea what it is?  Should I go to the doctor? 
does anyone have any advice as to how to get my abs to come back together?
i was told there are certain exercises to do, but i don't know what they are. and is there anything else i can do as well?
I'm having a superficial pain in my upper abdomen, under my boobs but above the fundus. It feels like its just under my skin. I was thinking that it was an abdominal split, but then I read online that ab splits are usually painless. Doesn't sound painless, though.
I have my regular appointment on Wednesday, and the pain isn't bad enough to call the emergency midwife, but it's really annoying.

Anyone have any idea what it might be?

I'm 38w2d
Blue Eyed Kestral
A little background:

I am currently 37w 4d.

I had my daughter three years ago (Oct 20) via C-Section due to her breech position (she was feet first). I want to have a VBAC with this little girl and after changing clinics got approval to do so. My husband is in the Navy and I am going to a Military Treatment Facility (Naval Medical Center Portsmouth). I've already been told I won't have the option for alternative birthing positions, I'll have to be on my back. I have pelvic and pubic issues as well as a tendency to get butt spasms on both sides, especially if I am lieing down for a long period of time (it's not sciatica, the latest diagnosis says it's related to the pelvic and tail bones stretching some muscle due to separation).

Now for the questions:
1) I am trying to decide what type of pain management I want. I have the choices of the traditional epidural (though I've been told if I get this they will also write an order for pitocin since an epi can slow labor, I want to avoid an induction), Fentanyl, Stadol, or Nubin. What are your experiences with any of these drugs in your VBAC births? Did any of you get a combo of the narcotics (i.e. get Fentanyl after the Nubin wore off)? How did this affect you? Which of the three narcotics has the least likelyhood to leave me in an incoherrant fog?

2) To the other military moms out there that had their babies at an MTF, what were your experiences, especially if you attempted a VBAC?

3) How much of an uphill battle will it be to birth on my back? With the possible spasms and the fact that I've read VBACs are harder to birth in the back position, I need reassurance that what I read was false and/or ways I can overcome this obstacle.

Thanks in advance for answering any and all of my questions. :D
Me flower
So I noticed that I've got some abdominal muscle separation going on -- It doesn't show normally, only when I arch my back, and my stomach gets this sort of ... peak.

Is there anything I should/should not be doing?

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