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Tiny Baby

I havnt posted since I first found out I was pregnant and was at about 6 weeks or so. I am now up to 28 weeks. I had my latest Dr Appointment on Friday and turns out my little squiggles biscuit is a little too tiny. Overall though he is a healthy baby and organs seem to be growing the way they should he is just tiny compared to usual. However I am now having to do some NTS and Ultrasounds and have to go to the D.R twice a week and unfortunatly that's an hour away for me. I know its probabbly a dumb move to go to a DR in another town but it would be too expensive in my hometown and the hospital where I live are prone to doing C Sections even if you are only a couple of hours into labor so my husband and I wanted to avoid that. Currently he is kicking and seems active when I eat I'm just worryied on the overall stress and anxiety and even shame that he is so little. I am doing my best to calm my nerves I just was hoping for more reassurences, thank you.
  • bellzm

Love is sweeter when you know all about each other

The best way a relationship can stay longer is when you both pour your heart out to each other, where there is no secret. You both know all about each other,you know you likes and dislikes.
Sometimes you spouse or partner might keep things from you and that not because they don't love or trust you, it might be that they don't think you can handle it or might even freak out. But you have to find out yourselves what they are keeping from you and why.
I one time hired a hacker softtechgeeks@gmail.com who helped me clone my fiance's phone, so i could listen to his calls, see his text and even his mail. That way it was like i knew everything he knew and i had to support him.
He is my man and if i don't look out for him, who will?
Jillian - Ghostbusters

pregnant after tubal

Today, I learned I was pregnant. got a bfp pretty much instantly. i've been having abdominal pain for 5 days now, so I assumed it was my period. The thing is, I had a tubal done 3 years ago to make sure I wouldn't have any more kids. I am in shock and I'm seeing a dr on Wednesday to see what's going on. I'm going to assume it's ectopic unless told otherwise. I just can't believe this is happening.

Big belly

So I am curenlty 6 weeks now and I am a bit nervious. See even as a kid I had a bigger belly even when the rest of me was small. I never really got rid of it even though I've tried excersizing and dieting. So being 6 weeks I feel a little more chubby and I guess I have some concerns. I am roughly 40 lbs overweight for my 5 foot 3 inches height anyway so when you add being pregnant on top of it I know I gained more weight and I even look pregnant. My main thing is I worry about something like MC. I am a healthy woman, I don't drink or smoke but anything could happen and with this overweight issue I do wonder if it could be cause for alarm.

Newly pregnant

So I havnt typed on Live Journal since 2011. At the time I had been asking advice on a menstrual cup. Now though a lot has happened since then, I have gone through a Grandmothers death. One job and now on my second that I have held sence 2013 and a boyfriend, who turned fiance, and now husband. He and I have been married since September of last year and have been trying to convieve since then. I just found out this past week that I am about 4 weeks along now and we are so excited. Unfortunatly I can not tell anyone else, only a few people at work know because most of them picked up on my symptoms, short of breath, near about passing out, constantly tired and asked if I was pregnant, I have never been before and at the time I was a day late so it was hard to tell. So when I took the Stick test later that day at home I was in shock and so was my husband. So anyway I'm just wanting to tell people since I can't tell our family's atleast for a few more weeks before I have my first appointment. The Doctor wont take me until I am 8 weeks along. I am just wondering how I can deal with working during the day and not falling asleep, I can't just up and leave I work for a school district and if I need to leave I need a sub and I hate just up and leaving suddenly. Also according to my pregnancy calender we are having a December baby, anoyone else? Also suffering from major case of "Baby Brain"

Looking for a community

Is there an August 2017 or September 2017 babies group yet? I have tried searching multiple ways. (if I go by LMP I'm due in Sept, but if I go by O-day I'm due in Aug.)

I have some really good friends from my first pregnancy jan2012 babies and I really want to find that kind of sisterhood again ;)


Hello, I am happy to have found this community. I am newly pregnant a second time. First one was a miscarriage. I am 44 and have no family support or guidance. I am happy to have a place to share my experience with other pregnant woman here at lj. We have our first ultrasound this afternoon and I am anxious and excited. Haven't been sleeping well for a month now. Only now getting 5-6 hrs a night which is actually increased from 1-2 hrs in the beginning. Is that normal?


I'm new to this community, and haven't used LJ since I was a teen many many years ago. I'm pregnant with my first baby so I thought I'd join in. The other pregnancy forums I've been on are sort of nasty, so I'm looking for some nicer people to talk to about all the joys of pregnancy haha.

Knitting for your baby

Waiting for my baby to come, I have had quite some time on my hands to prepare. From room decoration to clothes shopping. Recently my granny inspired me to do something even more personal. She visited us a few weeks ago and brought me a pair of teeny tiny knitted booties, they were my dad's and later on mine.

So I got to thinking, why not make such a nice memory for my kid. I searched the net to get some good ideas on how to make yarn booties, which pattern to use which material. And finally I have started to make some.

I hope I will be able to share my results soon, and I certainly hope that my baby will like them.