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29th-Sep-2018 08:29 pm - Tiny Baby
I havnt posted since I first found out I was pregnant and was at about 6 weeks or so. I am now up to 28 weeks. I had my latest Dr Appointment on Friday and turns out my little squiggles biscuit is a little too tiny. Overall though he is a healthy baby and organs seem to be growing the way they should he is just tiny compared to usual. However I am now having to do some NTS and Ultrasounds and have to go to the D.R twice a week and unfortunatly that's an hour away for me. I know its probabbly a dumb move to go to a DR in another town but it would be too expensive in my hometown and the hospital where I live are prone to doing C Sections even if you are only a couple of hours into labor so my husband and I wanted to avoid that. Currently he is kicking and seems active when I eat I'm just worryied on the overall stress and anxiety and even shame that he is so little. I am doing my best to calm my nerves I just was hoping for more reassurences, thank you.
The best way a relationship can stay longer is when you both pour your heart out to each other, where there is no secret. You both know all about each other,you know you likes and dislikes.
Sometimes you spouse or partner might keep things from you and that not because they don't love or trust you, it might be that they don't think you can handle it or might even freak out. But you have to find out yourselves what they are keeping from you and why.
I one time hired a hacker softtechgeeks@gmail.com who helped me clone my fiance's phone, so i could listen to his calls, see his text and even his mail. That way it was like i knew everything he knew and i had to support him.
He is my man and if i don't look out for him, who will?
14th-May-2018 06:51 pm - pregnant after tubal
Jillian - Ghostbusters
Today, I learned I was pregnant. got a bfp pretty much instantly. i've been having abdominal pain for 5 days now, so I assumed it was my period. The thing is, I had a tubal done 3 years ago to make sure I wouldn't have any more kids. I am in shock and I'm seeing a dr on Wednesday to see what's going on. I'm going to assume it's ectopic unless told otherwise. I just can't believe this is happening.
25th-Apr-2018 11:43 pm - Big belly
So I am curenlty 6 weeks now and I am a bit nervious. See even as a kid I had a bigger belly even when the rest of me was small. I never really got rid of it even though I've tried excersizing and dieting. So being 6 weeks I feel a little more chubby and I guess I have some concerns. I am roughly 40 lbs overweight for my 5 foot 3 inches height anyway so when you add being pregnant on top of it I know I gained more weight and I even look pregnant. My main thing is I worry about something like MC. I am a healthy woman, I don't drink or smoke but anything could happen and with this overweight issue I do wonder if it could be cause for alarm.
14th-Apr-2018 11:15 pm - Newly pregnant
So I havnt typed on Live Journal since 2011. At the time I had been asking advice on a menstrual cup. Now though a lot has happened since then, I have gone through a Grandmothers death. One job and now on my second that I have held sence 2013 and a boyfriend, who turned fiance, and now husband. He and I have been married since September of last year and have been trying to convieve since then. I just found out this past week that I am about 4 weeks along now and we are so excited. Unfortunatly I can not tell anyone else, only a few people at work know because most of them picked up on my symptoms, short of breath, near about passing out, constantly tired and asked if I was pregnant, I have never been before and at the time I was a day late so it was hard to tell. So when I took the Stick test later that day at home I was in shock and so was my husband. So anyway I'm just wanting to tell people since I can't tell our family's atleast for a few more weeks before I have my first appointment. The Doctor wont take me until I am 8 weeks along. I am just wondering how I can deal with working during the day and not falling asleep, I can't just up and leave I work for a school district and if I need to leave I need a sub and I hate just up and leaving suddenly. Also according to my pregnancy calender we are having a December baby, anoyone else? Also suffering from major case of "Baby Brain"
25th-Dec-2016 10:39 pm - Looking for a community

Is there an August 2017 or September 2017 babies group yet? I have tried searching multiple ways. (if I go by LMP I'm due in Sept, but if I go by O-day I'm due in Aug.)

I have some really good friends from my first pregnancy jan2012 babies and I really want to find that kind of sisterhood again ;)

2nd-May-2016 04:19 am - Greetings [insomnia, ultrasound]
Hello, I am happy to have found this community. I am newly pregnant a second time. First one was a miscarriage. I am 44 and have no family support or guidance. I am happy to have a place to share my experience with other pregnant woman here at lj. We have our first ultrasound this afternoon and I am anxious and excited. Haven't been sleeping well for a month now. Only now getting 5-6 hrs a night which is actually increased from 1-2 hrs in the beginning. Is that normal?
24th-Jan-2016 01:12 pm - Hello!
I'm new to this community, and haven't used LJ since I was a teen many many years ago. I'm pregnant with my first baby so I thought I'd join in. The other pregnancy forums I've been on are sort of nasty, so I'm looking for some nicer people to talk to about all the joys of pregnancy haha.
13th-Jan-2016 10:07 am - Knitting for your baby
Waiting for my baby to come, I have had quite some time on my hands to prepare. From room decoration to clothes shopping. Recently my granny inspired me to do something even more personal. She visited us a few weeks ago and brought me a pair of teeny tiny knitted booties, they were my dad's and later on mine.

So I got to thinking, why not make such a nice memory for my kid. I searched the net to get some good ideas on how to make yarn booties, which pattern to use which material. And finally I have started to make some.

I hope I will be able to share my results soon, and I certainly hope that my baby will like them.
4th-Jan-2016 08:27 pm - New
Hi everyone,

I'm a newcomer to this group and a newcomer to pregnancy! My SO and I were TTC since June and finally found out we're expecting just before Christmas. Very excited and very new to this. I welcome any of you to add me, I would love to make new friends. Thanks!
Hello ladies.

Christmas is a hard time. I conceived my girl last Christmas. I was also close to death last Christmas. I lost my girl on March 25th of this year. And what day is the 25th? Christmas. Anyone else having a difficult time? I will try to remember how tags work, please forgive me if they do not format properly.
12th-Dec-2015 09:37 pm - Baby Registry - toys [registries]
courtney pink glitter stars
We are in the process of making our baby registry. Is it appropriate to add toys to the registry that are not for newborns? I imagine people have different opinions on this. I see a few cute things for babies that are 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc.. just curious if anyone adds toys for those ages leading up to 1 year old.
9th-Nov-2015 04:46 pm - TSH level
courtney pink glitter stars
Hey everyone, I have hypothyroidism and recently had my levels checked. My current TSH is 2.3. My doctor (primary) says that I am stable and he wants me to stay on my current meds and get tested again in 4 weeks. Is 2.3 too high for being in your second trimester? I will be 25 weeks tomorrow.

I have been searching online and have seen that my level is where it is supposed to be right now. Some of the sites have different numbers for the TSH though. One says it should be under 3.0 and another says it should be under 2.8.

I know that some doctors are different regarding levels, just wondering if I should request a higher dose of meds (I am currently taking 75 mcg) to try to get below 2.0 and I am curious about what your levels were during your second trimester.
6th-Nov-2015 10:50 pm(no subject) [gestational diabetes]
courtney pink glitter stars
Hey everyone, I am currently 6.5 months pregnant and was diagnosed with GD about two weeks ago. I am looking for good low carb snacks and meals to make. I am doing good so far regarding the eating and have a good idea of what to eat but if anyone has any unique recipes (carb count included) please let me know. Eating the same things over and over again gets old.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions of things to drink? I have been drinking water 90% of the time. My doctor said it is ok to drink Crystal Light which I have on occasion. I'm not a sweets person in general but I'm definitely craving juice which is something that I can not have.
21st-Sep-2015 10:26 am(no subject)
Well. Never thought I'd be here again. I'm 39 and have three older kids - 9, 7 and 5.5. I've been at home with the kids since the 5 and a half year old was born and was getting ready to take classes to bring my certification back up to speed so I could go back to work next fall. Cue my husband making an offhand comment about how my hair looks good, just like it did when I was pregnant. Five (yes, five!) tests later and I'm starting to believe that this is actually going to happen. So weird because I feel like a first time mom all over again even though I've done this before. I'm feeling okay for the most part - I get crampy feelings maybe once a day, get sick to my stomach and hot flashy from about 11 until 4 or so every afternoon, I want nothing more than to sleep right now but I think that's as much a factor of running around after three kids as it is being pregnant.

Anyway. Have a great day!
SW: Leia Beautiful
I just recently posted asking how everyone got by on the last month of pregnancy. Apparently a lot can change in just a couple of days. I got a call yesterday that some of my bloodwork came back and I tested positive for something called cholestasis. Suddenly I want five long weeks of discomfort.

However, snce cholestasis is associated with an elevated risk of sudden fetal death or stillbirth, I'm having an induction (or possibly a c-section) this upcoming evening at 37 weeks. I'm a bit freaked, but it should work out in the end. We are getting her out before she can be really harmed.

Ladies, tey to appreciate those last few, uncomfortable but healthy weeks. And if you start itching a lot, particularly in your hands and feet (but also all over-ugh) tell your OB! Apparently that can be a sign, and possibly only sign, of a dangerous condition.
9th-Jun-2015 03:44 pm - Surviving the last several weeks
SW: Leia Beautiful
The last several weeks of pregnancy are rough. I could got into a long detailed list of my many discomforts but I'll spare you. They're all the typical, normal (sometimes overwhelming feeling) discomforts of a healthy 37 week pregnant woman.

Online forums are mainly filled with woman either discussing how they're trying to "move things along" (ranging from "I'm walking a lot" to people doing fairly dangerous things) or woman comparing effacement, dilation and stations and trying to determine if x, y and z numbers mean they'll be giving birth soon.

But you know, as uncomfortable as I am, I want the baby to come when they're ready and I know effacement, dilation and station position have very little to do to predict when you're actually going to go into labor.

Ladies, what I'd like to know is what coping mechanisms do you have to just get by these last uncomfortable weeks? Anything from ways to relieve the achiness and discomfort to ways you treat yourself or really, whatever gets you through.
1st-May-2015 11:31 am - Anterior Placenta, Breech Position
SW: Leia Beautiful
During my visit to the OB, they've determined that my daughter is still breeched at 31 weeks. While they stressed that there's still time for her to turn on her own (and in fact she has done some impressive somersaults just the week before) they did give me a worksheet on positions/exercises to do to help encourage her to turn. They've scheduled me for an ultrasound at my next appointment (33 weeks) to see if she's still breeched/confirm that position and to determine if there is anything going on in there that might be contributing to her being breeched. If it comes down to it, at 36 weeks they said they'd refer me to either a chiropractor or acupuncturist and at 37-38 weeks my practice will like to try a doing a version.

So, I have two questions my fellow moms. First, any general advice? At this point I'm not worrying too much. I have started some of the exercises from there and spinning babies.

My second question, I also have an anterior placenta and I'm kind of worried that my increase the risk of complications with a version. Anyone here ever do a version with an anterior placenta?
30th-Mar-2015 09:50 am - Back for round 2
Hi everyone!  It's been a few years, but I'm pregnant with #2 - I'm 9w1d and due Nov 2nd.

I guess the only advice I'm looking for is how to deal with morning (all day for me) sickness and food aversions?  My first pregnancy, I was lucky to not have to experience either, but this time around, it's pretty strong.  I can't have any form of chicken, which makes me want to cry as it is(was?) a staple of our diet.  I can't even be in the vicinity of bacon.  It's mostly been trial an error, but I keep finding things that I liked before, that I can't stomach now. Like now I think bananas are on that list.  I am the one who cooks in my family and it's getting increasingly difficult to cook things that we all can eat.  I don't mind making something for my husband and my 2 year old, and something different for myself, but sometimes just the smell of their food sends me over the edge.  Even ginger ale is starting to be too much. :(
28th-Mar-2015 05:27 am - Point me in a direction?

Just found out I'm pregnant... and am 21 weeks (always irregular, had some bleeding, ya know, typical song and dance....)

Am due early August 2015. Am worried because I smoked/drank (not insanely, but hey, I had NO idea) up until a couple of weeks ago. Have NO idea how to break this news to my family and friends (am worried they will judge because of my aforementioned habits up until this momentous discovery). (Am also worried about possible repercussions for baby... would NEVER have done those things had I known!)

Looking for pointers toward an August 2015 community, and a possible support community for those of us who discover our pregnancies later in the game.

Thank You.
23rd-Mar-2015 04:58 pm - Waiting
We just started trying to have a baby! Waiting until so many days past ovulation or until a missed period is driving me crazy!! How do you guys try to keep yourselves from going nuts and over-thinking everything while waiting until its time to take a test?

I know I can test at any point- but when is the soonest possible to get a positive?

Thank you!! Very excited to be here!
11th-Mar-2015 12:44 pm - Confused
Hello Everyone!
I've been a member of the community for some time now. My husband and I decided about a month or so ago that it was time to start trying for a baby. We are still figuring it out and having fun! I'm not sure what's really going on with me but I have an appt with my Gyno scheduled for next week to check in. I am just looking for others experiences. Google is giving me info that isn't really helping!

Here's the situation. My last period was 2/7. My husband and I engaged in unprotected sex 2/21, 2/23, 2/24 and 3/2. I used the Wandfo strips for ovulation but I think I started testing too late and missed when I actually ovulated. Oops! Anyways- on 3/2 just before bed I noticed some light pink spotting and thought it was weird. Over the next few days I had much of the same bleeding. Light- pink/red but that was really it. It got a bit heavier around the 7th but nothing really significant. I would still categorize it in the light flow. My period is/was expected on the 7th. And so here I am, 10 days after starting to spot, still bleeding. Its nothing major- not nearly as heavy or like my period. I'm actually not feeling any of the typical things that I feel during my period. I did put a call in yesterday re: the bleeding for 10 days but haven't heard back. I've taken 1 pregnancy test which after checking the date- was expired for 6 months. The test was negative.

I'm not sure what's going on- if I'm pregnant and this is normal? If I'm not and just bleeding differently because bodies change as you get older? If I need to call back to the dr and insist a sooner appt because this is a dangerous/concerning situation? I have no clue! Ahhh!!! Please delete if a post like this is not okay! I just don't know what to think!
9th-Mar-2015 09:59 am - Oh the pain!!
Been having cramps for the last two week which does not alarm me I am pregnant. It's the abdominal pain that concerns me. Line of pain across the middle of by stomach. Every time I stand up stretching it out cause pain. It's not stomach virus pain, it's more abdominal muscle pain. I'm sure what is going on think I will go see a doctor today.
SW: Leia Beautiful
Almost five years ago I was pregnant with my first child, who as it turns out was a boy. My mother was disappointed. Seriously, seriously disappointed. I also noticed when I gleefully told people I was having a little boy, a few people were like "Oh." One coworker even had the nerve to say better luck next time (I wanted to deck them).

I was thrilled. I didn't care if I had a boy or a girl. I adore my son. He's a funny, adventurous, creative little kid that loves adventuring in the woods with me and looking for bugs. We have a blast together.

Now I'm pregnant again. Once again, I really didn't care. Two boys is awesome. A boy and a girl is awesome. I just want a healthy baby, you know?

Before I found out, everyone asked me what I wanted and I said I don't care. Now that I know, everyone's like "OH! A GIRL! JUST WANT YOU WANTED!" No. I said before I didn't care either way. Then they begin gushing about dresses and dolls and tea parties (none of which ever interested me, even as a little girl myself) as if that's the thing I obviously always wanted to do. (Quite frankly, I'm just imagining another little body on our bug hunts and another little tot playing in the mud.)

And, I don't know. I'm annoyed. It makes my first child seem like he wasn't all that great and my second child sound like a fashion accessory. It isn't fair to either of them.
Hi everyone! The mod was so kind to allow me to post my request here.

I've recently been assigned a co-mod of "http://myobsaid.wordpress.com/", a page dealing with anecdotes of people who had rather bad experiences with healthcare professionals. The main audience is women, the main topics pregnancy, L&D, everything around birth and aftercare, and nursing. The website is a continuation of the sadly inactive My Ob Said What webpage. As we're new, we don't have many submissions yet, and the owners of the original site are not available to share the submissions they received previously and didn't get around to posting.

Now I'd like to ask you for submissions of both bad and good experiences around pregnancy and birth.
As it is, you submit your anecdotal experience via email (*edit* myobsaid@gmail.com) and it is posted anonymously (in context), leaving it up to you to comment later and reveal yourselves or not.

I've seen how many people here love to share birth stories or post questions when they've been startled by their healthcare staff, so I thought some you might be able to help us out. On the old blog, people loved reading and discussing the stories shared, but they also used to hold raffles for amazon vouchers to get submissions - as we just filled in and are not making profits or anything from the blog, we're neither willing nor interested in doing that... as a result, we solely rely on submissions given to us. Furthermore, if you know someone via Facebook or other social media who could be interested in posting, I'd appreciate if you could pass our email on. (As I understood it, the choice of a wordpress blog was made because the original site had a similar form, personally I would have preferred a LJ, but it wasn't my choice. :P)

Hoping to hear from you, and I'm wishing you all a great new year, and of course wonderful pregnancies and even more beautiful births!

Kind regards!

*Edited to add email address (I don't understand how I could have forgotten!)*
--> myobsaid@gmail.com
SW: Leia Beautiful
I've created a lj community for all you mamas to be that are due in the summer of 2015. It's here: summer_2015
5th-Dec-2014 10:16 pm - version question
I am 37 weeks along with baby #2 and at our ultrasound today we found that she is still in transverse position. My OB mentioned the possibility of attempting a version next week. Has anyone had experience with versions? This has been a relatively normal pregnancy, my amniotic fluid level is good, and the baby is smallish (25th percentile). The only risk factor we have is that the placenta is in the anterior position.

Also, has anyone tried some of the alternative options for turning a baby (e.g., acupuncture, Webster technique, etc.)? In general I tend to put my faith in Western medicine, but I would really like to avoid a c-section if possible so I am open to other options.

EDIT: I was scheduled for a version yesterday morning. but when I arrived at the hospital and they did an ultrasound we got some good news. She had turned into the vertex position all on her own, and they sent me home on the spot! I didn't explore too many alternative techniques, but we did try placing a flashlight by my pubic bone and I definitely felt her moving strongly, so that may or may not have been what triggered her to change positions. Thank you all for your comments, suggestions, and support!
~32 weeks currently
Can anyone give me some ideas for eating food that won't result in serious pain, or point me in the direction of someone aside from my midwife I can talk to about what's going on?

Basically, whenever I eat, I get a searing pain where my stomach and uterus bump heads. Shortly after, I start feeling queasy and then I start getting heartburn. It builds up until it's acid-reflux like, especially if baby kicks in that direction. Anything I eat can elicit this - bland food, super spicy food, you name it. I've tried avoiding dairy, I've tried drinking a glass of milk hoping it would calm it down. I've drank loads of water, avoided pop and juice.

I've had zero other obvious issues - digestive tract is otherwise functioning normally. No vomiting or diarrhea, no blood or warning signs. Just a huge amount of discomfort/pain when I eat. Which is making it hard to eat and gain weight. I started a bit on the heavy end, granted, but I lost about 5-7lbs at first mostly due to dehydration from being sick for the first 5 months, and currently I'm about 6 or 7lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. Originally I was told to gain around 30 lbs, and while I guess it's possible in the last 8 weeks, I just want to be healthy for me and my baby.

I should add in that we're on a very tight budget because I just lost my job and I'm also anemic, so trying to fix that too.
16th-Nov-2014 08:26 am - Am I the only one that hates this?
SW: Leia Beautiful
I'm in my first trimester of my second pregnancy and I have to say it: I hate pregnancy. I'm uncomfortable, I'm miserable, and in just a couple of months complete strangers will be appearing out of the woodwork to tell me what I can and can't do with my own body ("You're having juice?! *gasp!* You'll give the baby diabetes!"*) To make it worse, I can't drown my sorrows in a glass of wine and some sushi.

Aside from the end result (yay baby!) I absolutely hate this. People always act astonished and dismayed, like there is something seriously wrong with me for not being blissfully happy that I have killer heartburn, nausea and an elbow lodged in my lungs, only to be relieved after three days burst of back labor (#1 took forever to get out!) It's like they think that makes me less good of a mom which, really? The fact that I am willing to do this a second time and sacrifice of my own comfort somehow makes me a bad mom? That I'm willing to be so miserable for the sake of my kid makes me a bad mom.

Blah! Maybe I'm just cranky this morning, but is anyone else here really dislike pregnancy?
10th-Nov-2014 02:31 pm(no subject)
Fall stuff
Is there anyone in here who has type 2 diabetes and has gone through pregnancy?

Did you see a midwife or ob before becoming pregnant?
What was your A1c when you became pregnant?
What if any complications did you have?

Tell me anything and everything you know or experienced being diabetic and pregnant please! If you aren't comfortable sharing here you are welcome to message me.

My husband and I would like to start ttc at the end of December and I have a lot of questions and concerns about it because I am Diabetic. Of course I have a medical team that is awesome but it really helps to talk to and hear from other people who have had the experience.

Thanks for you stories and advice in advance!

We are Tanya and Nicola - happy parents of a cute Angela. But honestly our livejournal blog is a second child of Tanya.

Some words about me. I wanted to leave my journalistic job and take time out to stay at home with my lovely 6 month old daughter. But that was stupid. So, I'm still a journalist and I'm already a mum. That is fucking amazing :-)
But anyway being at home full time, every minute of every day I was thinking solely about my baby and about my personal life….No. Most of all about Angela. Her challenges, successes, problems, joys.

I was overwhelmed so I decided to write a blog as an outlet for my ramblings, to seek advice from others and to share my experiences. I'm happy that our amazing papa Nicola sometimes has time to join us in this blog and share also his emotions and ideas how is to be a great father.

So that is how to be a father of a 6-month baby.

Hello everybody,

That is me. Nicola.

Perhaps i have not much time to describe myself. What i can say? Im like a movie director who sits behind the scene. Perhaps u will never notice me but my presence is reflecting in the happy eyes of my wife and my daughter.

Be father and parent is fucking difficult. Everyday you have to make some choice between you, ur wife and your child. Sometime seems that you have not time for yourself and you think that you are not able to manage all as you should.

But you have to think that all what u give u will get back doubly. For example, if you not fucking stupid, able to close your computer/TV/mobile and etc you will enjoy every moment of every day with your baby doubly. It's just need to accept that almost everyday starts without strength. You have to get up and not matter if you tired. There are people who need you. And the bed needs you less. And I appreciate this rule of my life.

So that was a little summary of the last 6 month when we even had not time for this blog. But here we are. Today we had an amazing sun who was knocking at our windows. And my wife was missing it sleeping almost till 12. But then we said to us "What is fucking going on? Why we are wasting this beautiful weather?"...

Watching back the photos of the day I can just be happy that I was not too lazy this morning. The eyes of my Angie is the best answer. And even if I already have been enjoying many sunny days in my life (You know in Napoli where i was born it's not so difficult), every sunny day with my girls tastes different.

And now I hope i satisfied my wife with my blog writing. :)
So the bed and my wife are calling me and I can't reject it. After all... you know..Tomorrow is a new day and at 6 a.m Angie will not care if yesterday papa went sleep late....
3rd-Nov-2014 08:57 pm - Braxton Hicks?
Ostrich hat
I'm 26 weeks 4 days pregnant with my second. All afternoon and evening I've felt tense in my uterus. It's not like any kind of cramps I've had, just like my uterus is tense. And kinda tired. My 4-year-old offered to hold my belly up for me. :)

I don't remember ever having Braxton Hicks with my first, but is this what I'm feeling? It just doesn't feel like cramps or contractions.

I put on a belly band and I'm sitting on the couch, and it feels better. I did have a fairly active day, but not over-the-top.
2nd-Nov-2014 11:58 am - early bleeding
So I'm only just barely 5 weeks along and started suddenly bleeding bright red blood today. My last pregnancy I experienced this same thing around 7-8 weeks and everything was fine. Bring this early, I'm worried about chemical pregnancy. Has anyone experienced this and what was your outcome? Should I call the dr tomorrow (since today is Sunday)? Should I retake a home pregnancy test?
22nd-Oct-2014 02:26 pm(no subject)
SW: Leia Beautiful
I just took the test today and I'm pregnant again!

I was wondering though, this is my third pregnancy (the first ended early in a miscarriage). Each and every time I became pregnant, I knew more or less immediately as in within a day or two of conception. No one believes me, but I'm always right. I always get some dizziness, this odd loose limbs feel (especially in my hips) and food cravings and aversions. I assume it relates to the fact that I'm particularly sensitive to hormones (I cannot do hormonal birth control-my body reacts horribly to it.)

Anyone else able to tell long before you can officially test?
Hyperbole and a Half icon

Oliver Snow was born on October 17th, 2014 at 9:01 am via c-section. He was 7 lbs and his length was 19 inches.

When I went for my weekly checkup and NST, my blood pressure was high so my OB sent me to the hospital. Since my labs looked ok and I didn't have any signs of pre-e, I expected to go home. I went to use the bathroom in my room and when I came out and got back into bed, the OB on call said that I was having contractions and I was dilated 2.5 cms. He also asked me if I knew my baby was breech and I said yes.

So, due to the combo of footling breech + high blood pressure (my bp was good the entire pregnancy until that day) + being dilated on my own (I reached 3 cms the morning of my c-section) and apparently contracting and not knowing it, the OB on call and my OB both decided it would be best for me to have a c-section. So, it was scheduled for yesterday morning, and voila!

The c-section was great. I didn't feel a thing, not even pressure or anything like the docs said I would. The pressure from the spinal was super uncomfortable, but I did not feel the needle going in at all, nor did I feel any shocks or have shivers. The whole procedure took maybe 50 minutes, and the baby was out rather quickly. My boyfriend was there for the whole thing and he got to cut a piece of the cord :)

The recovery is tough. I threw up any time I drank the tiniest sip of water. The morphine made me very itchy and I'm incredibly sore, which makes holding the baby difficult. Thankfully, my boyfriend has been a lot of help and brings the baby to me when I want him, and helps me with feeding and diapers.

I was up and walking within 12 hours and I'm pretty proud of that :)

Hyperbole and a Half icon

So, I'll be 38.5 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I had a growth scan yesterday and the baby was transverse. At this point, there are two positions he loves. Transverse, or head up, where his head will be my belly button.

I'm assuming that it's too late for him to turn on his own. I have an OB appointment tomorrow, so I am going to ask him what is going to happen if the baby doesn't cooperate. I already know I don't want an EVC done based on the risks and the success rate.

For those who had babies who didn't turn, what was your outcome?

I was also kind of disappointed to learn that the baby only weighs 6 lbs and dropped from the 50th to the 20th percentile, but I am trying not to take too much stock into the estimated weight in case it is off.

4th-Oct-2014 04:21 pm(no subject)
future of science
Background: I have three step-children, one daughter aged 3, and my second daughter (premature baby) passed away around this time last year.

I am 13 weeks pregnant, under a lot of stress for various reasons out of my control, and I've been spotting a little (brown, old blood mixed with mucous, nothing red, nothing like a mucous plug) since this morning. Should I be worrying about this? I had a little spotting in my previous pregnancies, but at 6 weeks. We just had a normal ultrasound screen.

I'm trying to rest, but my daughter is going through a boundary-testing tantrum phase, and I've had my step-kids all week and they've been acting up, and we live far from family, so there's not a lot of back up right now. My partner pretty much needs to be told exactly what to do to get everyone organised, so it's a lot like doing it myself in the end. But I'm exhausted, and scared.
2nd-Oct-2014 11:36 am - It's been a while & TTC#2
It's been almost two years since I was an active member of this community.  It still feels like just yesterday that I had my daughter, but she'll be 2 in December.

I'm back here because after having a pregnancy 'scare' last month, my husband and I have decided to try for #2.  I had an IUD inserted at 10w PP, which I had removed in June.  After removal we used the fertility awareness method plus OPK's to prevent pregnancy.  The 'scare' happened because I thought I ovulated a day or two earlier than anticipated and we had sex at the beginning of my fertile window.  Post partum and after my daughter weaned, my cycles became like clockwork, but I still use an app to track my cycles.  They are on average 30-31 days - I don't really know what happened last month, I had strongly positive OPK's for 36 hours and according to what I found online, I could count ovulation happening 12 hours after the first positive. But I guess I didn't really ovulate until closer to the end of that time period, since AF arrived at exactly 31 days.  I spent that two week wait vascillating between hoping for a BFP, and hoping for a BFN.  I've had baby fever for 6 months, but there are a lot of external factors that have been putting it on hold.  Those two weeks helped put things in perspective and hence the conscious decision to start trying.

Anyways.  This time around, I don't want to become so obsessive about TTC.  It took us 7 cycles to conceive #1. I know that that isn't that long, but you know when you're in the midst of it, it feels like an eternity. I wasn't in touch with my cycles as well as I am now (or as regular for that matter), but I was charting BBT, monitoring CM, using OPK's, and in general pretty anxious when it came to the 2 week waits (and obsessively testing from 10DPO to getting AF).   I'm hoping it wont take as long the second time around, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

I guess I'm just curious what other's experiences were for conceiving #2. The only reference I have IRL is a coworker who conceived on the first try for both 1 and 2, which I know is not always the norm. 
I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and have to start the kick counts. For whatever reason, this is giving me major anxiety to where I am second guessing if the baby is moving as much as she should be. It also seems as if she was active in the morning and then in the evening when I lay down to go to bed, but now it's like she is moving around at different times and not as much before bed.

Do babies change up their time of movements?

I hear one horrible thing and I focus in on it and it's just so hard. This is my first baby and I've tried for 3.5 years to conceive, so I'm just really anxious and nervous.

I'd love some good advice, stories, etc.

Thank you!
Hello I just received a message from a friend who is interested in having a natural birth. Please note this is happening in Sweden. Here is the message:

Been in labor for more than 24 hrs and made great progress until 3:30am this morning. Then things slowed down and became irregular again. Went to hospital for check up this morning and sent home with some meds to help me rest. Contractions are powerful but progress not great. We have been out walking. Any other suggestions of what I can do to get things moving? I don't want to land up too tired to deliver this baby...


Thanks in advance!
18th-Aug-2014 12:50 am - Pretty sure I don't have GD [glucose testing]
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Ok, so I failed my one hour glucose test with a reading of 172 mg/dl. I had to do the three hour one which sucked. Not because I was there for three hours, or because I got poked four times, but because the glucose drink at 100 g is absolutely disgusting. I felt awful for the first hour or two. I got a stomach ache and diarrhea, was very thirsty, felt weak/tired/etc and had to close my eyes for the first hour because I felt like I couldn't really focus on anything.

The doctor hasn't talked to me about my results, but I am 99.99995 sure I do not have GD. Here are my numbers:

Fasting: 80 mg/dl

One hour: 125 mg/dl

Two hour: 76 mg/dl

Three hour: 37 mg/dl

Maybe the 172 was a fluke. I did not eat anything before the one hour test since I did not want to fail and have to take the three hour, but whatever.

16th-Aug-2014 08:01 am - liver functions while pregnant? [blood tests]
I had all of my initial prenatal bloodwork done on Thursday, and yesterday the results were available to me on the web portal. My red blood count, mean platelet volume, and hematocrit were a tiny bit low, but what I'm actually concerned about were the results of the liver enzymes.

My AST is 70 (normal range 15-41) and my ALT is 141 (normal range 14-54). I did some google searches and found that sometimes this happens in the third trimester and with HELLP or cholestasis.

Anyway, I'm basically looking if anyone here has had similar results and have any ideas why it is? I'm not sure if my doctor got the results as quickly as I did, since the lab is in a different building. I'm sure she will call me if it's a big issue, but that won't be until Monday, I guess.

ETA: I'm 11w2d and this is my second pregnancy.
13th-Aug-2014 11:14 am - Postpartum sex [post partum sex]
no pictures please
I'm almost 11 weeks PP with #2 and sex is still pretty uncomfortable.

Cut for TMI.Collapse )
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