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As the subject says, I'm 35w2 days, this is my first pregnancy. My blood pressure's been pretty high my whole pregnancy, my OB told me the appointment before last he might have to induce me a couple weeks early, as it was 137/91, but he said never mind last appointment, as it had gone down to 130/84. I haven't had any protein leakage at all. This morning I woke up and I was REALLY active. I was getting stuff from another apartment, and both apartments are upstairs, so I was up and down stairs probably 35-40 times, in 100 degree weather. I sweated a lot after that so I had a Powerade Zero and some water. After that, I was pretty lazy today. Now I'm experiencing severe swelling in my feet and legs. I swell a lot, but this seems more excessive, to the point where my feet are shiny, and it's pitting. My face and hands are not swollen at all. My right shoulder has been sore, too, and my hand's been going numb & the fingertips will start tingling. I figured it was just from typing too much, but it's been on and off, but I just read it can be a sign of pre-e. I'm still feeling a lot of fetal movement. I'm going to head to the store to check my blood pressure right now, but is this something I should call L&D about, or can I wait to call my OB tomorrow morning?
Tags: numbness and tingling, pre-eclampsia, swelling/edema

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