Jen (cozyjeans) wrote in pregnant,

Ankle Swelling at 19 weeks?

I’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow with my second child. So far, everything has been textbook perfect. Good blood pressure, no swelling, hardly any nausea, etc. Tonight, though, I’m noticing a little bit of swelling on the insides of my ankles. This is totally new territory for me. I never had one bit of swelling with my daughter until 34 weeks, and it ultimately led to pre-ecclampsia. So now, naturally, my paranoid pregnant brain is in overdrive, and I’m thinking it’s a bit too early for swelling. But is this normal? If it gets any worse I’ll definitely call my midwife, but I just wanted to ask here before I go overreacting and calling her for nothing. Thanks!
Tags: swelling/edema

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