June 15th, 2008

sad brit

Belly Casts/Cord Blood Banking

For whatever reason, I always seem to have two questions to ask, lol. Here are the latest:

For those of you who have done belly casts -- was it worthwhile? I'd really wanted to get one but now I'm on the fence --I have a TON of gift cards from the baby shower that I can use to buy a kit but I can't decide if its a waste of money or not. I'm really sentimental and nostalgic and all that but I'm just not sure -- opinions?

Any thoughts on cord blood banking? I've only found conflicting information -- some studies say its worthwhile, others say its a waste of money. I'm not in a great position financially but can't help considering it. If anything, I'd like to donate the cord blood. I just want to know, before I make my decision, if its a better idea to put aside the money and bank it for my daughter, just in case.


Tonight, I think I felt Baby move for the first time.

I'm still not convinced that's what it was. It was this little flutter-type feeling in my tummy, and it kinda felt like little bubbles popping. Which makes me think I was just bloated or something. But it was really low, like right above my pubic bone, and my doctor said that because my uterus is extended pretty far towards my belly button now, any bloated/gas-related feelings would be felt above my belly button. What I felt was definitely below my belly button, and off to the side a little.

Maybe if it happens a few more times, I'll be convinced. It definitely made me stop what I was doing and my heart skipped a few beats because I'd never felt it before, so it probably was Baby, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up...

-- Bonnie, 17w5d

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I've been having contractions all night long, leading me to have very little sleep. They are still quite mild, but strong enough to wake me up a lot and make sleep difficult. I plan on trying to sleep as much as I can throughout the day to make sure I have energy saved up because this baby is going to be coming out sooner than later!  Yay!

diarrhea 3rd trimester

hi ladies. i'm 32w3d and i've been having diarrhea one to two times a day for several days now. i know diarrhea is common before you go into labor, sometimes even weeks before---but THIS early!?!? i've already ruled out anything else because i'm not sick on top of it---no fever, no aches, no headaches, no sickness symptoms at all, no stomach pains, no contractions. i'm actually feeling quite GREAT other then this diarrhea. i'm just paranoid that this is an early warning of pre-term labor which would suck cuz i wanna do my homebirth!
thanks for any info ladies!


This is my second child and we are looking at bottles that are out there. Anyone know of some good ones?
I tried the Avent ones with our first and found that they just leaked everywhere, so those are out.

Also, I am already starting to showing, what the heck. I am only 10 weeks. I know that it is not chub either because my appetite dropped in half when I got prego. Anyone else showing at this stage?

cat bite..

Hey girls,

We just got our new kittens today. One is 8 weeks, calm, and just a little scared. The other is 10 weeks, scared, and mean! I know he's only mean because he's in a new place and we're probably scaring him a bit. Anyway, the 10 week old has scratched me up a little bit and just bit me so hard it made me scream. I'm in tears over this! And then the BF comes in and said, "You better hope he doesn't have rabies!!" Thanks for scaring me to pieces, Brandon.

Anyway, since the cats haven't had their first rounds of shots yet, should I go to the hospital and get a rabies vaccine just to be safe?

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Okay, I need some advice.

With this baby we've decided we don't really want to have a lot of visitors at the hospital. When I mentioned this to my mother she basically told me "too bad because everyone will want to see the baby". What I want is to have visitors once we've settled in at home. Last time I had like 10 people in the room at a time for the first day (the day she was born) and I just couldn't handle it well.

Part of the problem is that we live about 30 minutes out of town and I don't think people want to drive that far (wankers).

My dilemma: How can I politely, yet firmly, tell my family that they can come visit after we've come home and are more comfortable?
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edited slightly.

Ok so weird question.. I am TTC & I am 26 days into my cycle.. I dont know how long my cycles last as my last period was my first i have had since my son was born (9 months). I used to get 33 day cycles. I am getting married on friday, honeymoon on saturday but i am worried i am due my period.. I have done 2 pregnancy tests.. both neg. I am worried it is to early for the tests to pick up a pregnancy anyway. My mum who doesnt know i am TTC but know's my period is due soon told me to go get a pill from the doctor to stop my period comming. I have taken the pill before i had my children & it does work. So yeah i am wondering what to do, what if i am pregnant.. i wouldnt need or want to take the pill if i am. Also i am breast feeding my son would that stop me being allowed to take it.. i mean i dont want to take something that would affect Nairn. Can the doctor tell me i am pregnant if they did a blood test now? Would they do a blood test if i asked them to? What do you think i should do?

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So at my last appointment my mom really wanted to go with me to 'hear the heartbeat' and such. It was my 37 week appointment, and I have another coming up on Monday.

I got into the doctor's office and the P.A. comes in. She scopes out the heartbeat, and then my mom speaks up: "I wanted to ask you about something, and my daughter doesn't know I'm about to ask you this. She's been depressed, and even mentioned suicide (something I'd never do, but had had thoughts) and has been unhappy"  She went on to ask what the P.A. thought we should do, and all kinds of spilling my personal life all over the place. 

She then gives me a month's worth of samples of Lexapro and says I should get it in my system now in case I get PPD that makes it worse.
Me, being one who is wary of any and all drugs (including tylenol) looks up what the vast internets say about Lexapro and pregnancy/breastfeeding.

I look at all of it and have a big fat inward WTF???

Is anyone taking Lexapro, and what would you do if the doctor prescribes something like THIS during the third trimester, knowing I plan to breastfeed?
sad brit

More on visitors in the hospital

An extension of the post about keeping unwanted visitors out of your hospital room -- what if its your significant other who doesn't agree with your wishes? My boyfriend isn't thrilled that I don't want anyone other than immediate family visiting us at the hospital. He says he doesn't care, but I know it annoys him.

Since this is our first baby, I've told him I'll keep an open mind about visitors because I really don't know how I'll feel about it when the time comes...but I have a strong feeling I wont want friends and extended family coming in and holding her -- after all I've been through with being pregnant, after all this waiting, I want to enjoy the first days with her without passing her around and waiting my turn; I'm her mother, after all!

I don't know how to convey clearly enough to people that her birth isn't just a quick trip to the hospital to pick a baby up from the cabbage patch -- its a physically and emotionally draining ordeal that I have to go through; me, not them. I know that if I tried to express that, it would come out really snotty and wrong.

All I keep wanting to say is, "Look, I know you'll be excited, but I'M the one who has to do all the work and recuperate afterwards. I think I should be the one who decides if I want to be disturbed while I'm trying to recover from PUSHING A HUMAN OUT OF MY BODY (or having a human cut out of my body, depending on what happens). When its your turn, you can decide, til then we'll be basing things on how I feel." I don't think that will go over well with anyone, lol.

In the end, I'd really like to be able to rest up before going home, because once I'm home, there is no sending the baby to the nursery if I'm desperate for a nap (at my hospital, the babies room-in but if you're really in need of sleep you can ask a nurse to take the baby to the nursery). I don't want to spend the time socializing.

How can I say this sort of thing politely to my boyfriend? I'm feeling backed into a corner and when I feel that way I typically become defensive and things come out wrong (see above, lol).
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Laying on my back

I know that laying on your back later in pregnancy isn't a good thing because doing so will put strain on important blood vessels and potentially causing restricted blood flow to the baby.

However... I find myself rolling over to my back while I sleep almost every night and when I nap. I don't know I'm doing it until I wake up of course, and sometimes I wake up with my arms and hands being mildly numb. Sometimes I intentionally lay on my back for 5 or so minutes because its the only way I can get my aching hips to have a moments rest.

With my daughter I don't remember this being an issue (she is 2 years old).

So, my question is... If I lay on my back as I described above, will it cause my unborn son to develop mental issues from the lack of blood or oxygen? I know that sounds extreme, but I'm scared now that I've compromised his health because of being on my back for an unknown amount of time.

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Ok, so I have been told mixed stories...what sweeteners are and are not safe to ingest when you are pregnant? I am so used to drinking crystal light and I wanted to know if that was safe? I haven't drank much of it, and I usually don't drink much at all.
And what is the word on like sugar free pudding? Is it safer to just stay away from both all together?
I need some advice, because I am watching my sugar and carb intake, so what can I and can't I eat/drink?
I'm so tired of getting mixed stories lol. I'll feel better just knowing.

I hope all expecting and current mommies are doing great!

Ok,since this is my 2nd child i should know this but..........

what do braxton-hicks contractions feel like? its been almost 11 years since i had my daughter and i just do not remember. i've been having a tightening feeling here and there and thought the baby was curling in a ball or something. it dosent hurt so much as its uncomfortable. Also,while youre having BH's does the baby still move while they're happening? Thanks!